‘Time traveller’ claims ‘clouds of smoke’ from supervolcano will kill thousands

A mysterious social media user, who claims to be a "time traveller from 2671", has revealed a list of world-changing events, which he claims will happen this year.

Eno Alaric, who is also known as @theradianttimetraveller, has gained over 26,000 followers for posting warnings about supposed future events.

The creator has previously made warnings about twin planets with Earth, alien visitors and even portals opening to other dimensions.

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But now, the self-professed time warper has claimed that thousands of people will die this year following the eruption of a supervolcano.

In the video, which has gained more than 2,700 likes, they wrote: "ATTENTION! If you think I am not a real time traveler, remember these biggest discoveries on Earth in 2023.

"April 4: A bubonic plague is discovered in the melting ice caps, it infects 52,000 people before being contained.

"May 12: A dinosaur egg is found in perfect condition after being incubated, it hatches and it turns out to be a Triceratops.

"June 4: A large earthquake in the middle of the ocean opens a trench that is two times deeper than the Mariana Trench. When it opened it let out many creatures thought to be extinct.

"July 18: The supervolcano in Western United States erupts, covering the skies in a thick plume of smoke and ash.

"Hundreds of thousands of people pass away in the eruption and the ash and smoke that plumes over the skies all over the US.

"August 24: An ancient civilisation is found hidden in South America that has technology far more advanced than ours.

"September 18: A magnetic field is found coming from Africa, it is so powerful that compasses are directed there instead of the north."

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TikTok viewers were left divided over the clip as they took to the comments to debate on whether or not it could be possible.

One user said: "Going to be a busy summer."

Another argued: "None of it will happen."

A third commented: "Lol now it sounds ridiculous and unbelievable."

A fourth wrote: "2023 is going to be the end or the start."


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