‘Time traveller’ warns ‘mutant babies will be born with new organs’ this year

A mysterious 'time traveller from 2714' has warned that 'mutant babies' will be born in the near future.

Aery Yormany, who posts online under the username @esthetictimewarper, has garnered a 1.2 million user-following for sharing supposed warnings about global events to come.

In a recent clip, which has gained more than 2,400 likes, they shared their warning for five major events they claim will change the world in 2023.

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The events included everything from natural disasters to babies being born with strange new organs in just a matter of months.

Captioning the clip, the TikTok user said: "There is a lot you need to know…"

Writing their predictions in the 30-second clip, Aery explained: "Many of you still don't believe I am a real time traveler, so remember these [five] dates in 2023.

"March 14: The largest tsunami hits the US west coast, called the "great wave."

"April 28: A baby is born with many mutations, such as new organs and many more will come.

"May 7: The disease is released from the ice caps, called 'VorcenX' with a 40% fatality rate.

"October 30: A new world is discovered in the rainforest, with a new species of humans.

"November 3: The first Interstellar War begins between humans and The Others."

Although Yormany is adamant that they are who they claim to be – it has not been proven whether any of their previous claims have come to fruition.

In the comments, viewers were left divided as some chose to remain skeptical but others have chosen to believe it.

One user wrote: "I'm still waiting on [your] 2022 predictions to happen."

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"You literally haven't got a prediction right yet," another added.

A third said: "At this, I wouldn’t doubt it but I’m still trying to process 2020."

A fourth commented: "That's a lot happening in a year."

However, other users pointed out that all of the self-professed time traveller's claims were too "grandiose" to be believable.

But Yormany defended themselves by explaining that they "only do the very important ones."


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