Two boys accidentally film ‘Bigfoot’ whilst making marshmallow s’mores tutorial

On this day 11 years ago (July 5, 2011) Stacy Bounds and his two kids were camping at Crooked Oaks Rental Cabins in Oklahoma, US when they decided to record a tutorial on how to make marshmallow s'mores.

However, their footage (above) captured something much more unnerving.

As the lads sit around the fire with marshmallows on sticks, a shadowy figure can be seen moving in the forest behind them – which many reckon could be the elusive Bigfoot.

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They only noticed the possible Bigfoot some days after the clip was recorded.

The hosts of US TV show Finding Bigfoot visited the camp site to investigate the footage.

"Whatever it is, it is fast. I don't think a person will be able to run that fast," Bigfoot researcher Cliff Barackman said on the show.

Analysing the clip further on his website, Cliff notes how the figure is "too tall to be something like a black bear running in the woods on all fours".

The Finding Bigfoot team actually recreated the footage with presenter Bobo Fay filling in for the potential Sasquatch. The recreation showed the figure to be around his height, six foot and four inches.

Although it could be a human, Cliff writes that his is "doubtful" given that "the temperature was over 110 degrees [43C] earlier that day, and it seems most unlikely that someone would be wearing dark clothing from head to toe".

Matt Moneymaker, head of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organisation, said: "This video's very interesting. I knew we had to come check it out, not just because of what you see but what the circumstances were.

"These kids are doing an instructional video… the camera is obviously on a tripod. They don't seem to be aware of what's in the background.

"This thing moves in the background, and I think it's upright."

Several Bigfoot believers online were seemingly convinced by the clip.

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One said: "That's a biggie no doubt. its extremely big and wide and runs so smoothly."

Another wrote: "It looked like a super ape hustling through the woods. Yeah I'd say they caught a bigfoot on camera without even trying!.. good job guys!"

A third said: "Whatever it is, it is fast and very smooth with its movements. The head is staying quite straight, with none of the "bobbing" you usually see with humans."


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