Uber glitch charged some riders THOUSANDS of dollars for a single trip

Uber riders across the world charged up to $10,000 for short trips after a glitch put the decimal in the wrong place

  • Some Uber customers received bills as high as $10,000 in a widespread glitch 
  • Charges could be the result of a misplaced decimal, inflating fares by 100 times  
  • Uber said the issue has been resolved, though customers must wait for refunds 
  • Have YOU been affected by the overcharging? Email [email protected] 

A glitch in Uber’s ride-hailing app is sending customers on bank-breaking trips that charged as much as $10,000 to their credit cards.

Across the US and UK, Uber users are reporting the gut-wrenching charges which appear to be the result of a misplaced decimal.

In one instance a Twitter user tweeted that his spouse’s trip, which was supposed to be about $96, actually came out to about $9,600. 

To compound the shock of receiving a savings-draining Uber bill, many users complained that the company’s customer support was slow to respond their issues. 

The company has not disclosed the cause of the over-charges but it appears to be the result of a misplaced decimal

Some Uber customers were shocked when they discovered the company had charged them 100 times their original fare price

It’s unclear how many users were affected by the snafu, but dozens of Twitter users reported similar charges that frequently ranged between $1,000 to $2,000.

Some British Twitter users quoted figures in pounds, showing the problem was international, not just confined to the company’s customers in the US, as first suspected. 

Among the issues were lack of responsiveness and unclear guidelines on how to actually get in touch with the company to relay a complaint in the first place. 

A glitch in Uber’s app is caused some customers to receive exorbitant charges on their credit cards.

Fares were inflated by 100 times the original amount resulting in many rides that were between $1,000 to $10,000. 

The company said the issue is resolved though customers may not see the change reflected immediately.  

Uber has not disclosed what exactly caused the glitch in the first place. 

‘We understand that this has been frustrating. There was a known issue that caused your authorization hold to be very high,’ Uber told customers in a statement as reported by the Washington Post.

‘Our team has already fixed this issue. Thank you so much for your patience.’

As reported by Fox Business, Uber Eats patrons were also affected by the glitch receiving charges that were similarly about 100 times more than the actual price of their food order.

Uber told the Washington Post that since the charges actually result from a mis-priced hold instated by the company, it cold take a while for their credit cards to reflect changes. 

The company also said that the issue has been resolved but offered no details on what caused the overcharges in the first place.

DailyMail.com has reached out to Uber for additional information but did not receive a response before publication. 

Have YOU been affected by the overcharging? Email [email protected] 

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