‘UFO spaceships crash landed on Mars’ after scientists find mysterious lumps

Scientists believe that mysterious lumps on Mars may have been formed when alien spacecraft crash-landed on the planet.

NASA’s Curiosity Rover photographed what appear to be spikey protrusions on the red rocks' surface.

The photograph captured shows rows of spikes plates and wedges at the bottom of the 154km-long Gale Crater.

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Astrobiologist Dr Nathalie Cabrol, of the NASA Ames Research Centre and Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) Institute, has studied the planet for more than two decades.

She described the discovery as one of the “most bizarre” rocks she's ever encountered.

And researchers have also suggested the formation of “sand spikes” could have been caused by a UFO.

A new paper in the Journal of Astrobiology said: “A fragment from an extraterrestrial or terrestrial spacecraft cannot be discounted with absolute certainty”.

The scientists say there also appear to be wheels, an axle and a debris field alongside the spikes, as reported by LadBible.

They explained that the so-called sand spikes are formed from waterlogged sand during massive earthquakes.

Similar spikes to the ones photographed on Mars have been found at the north Alpine basin of south Germany and at Mount Signal in the Imperial Valley of southern California.

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“There is no way of proving for certain what the spikes are but the balance of the evidence would suggest ‘sand spikes’ resulting from seismic activity on Mars," Prof Richard Armstrong, of Aston University, Birmingham told The Telegraph.

“I suspect the enigmatic ‘wheels’ are a separate phenomenon. Mars images often show strange formations and features which ‘look like’ familiar objects.

“Any debris field on Mars would certainly suffer erosion over time, especially from wind.

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"Given that possibly 10 or more craft have crashed upon the surface, coupled with the jettison of equipment associated with landing the rovers, it is possible the spikes and its substrate are human-made and consist of debris that fell onto the surface of Gale Crater.

“Nevertheless, no debris field is evident and no evidence of any additional debris that may have originated on Earth.

“Given its small size and that there are no known human-made analogs and no logical explanation as to what purpose these spikes may serve, it does not seem likely these specimens are the remnants of craft or equipment that fell into Gale Crater.

"One can only speculate about extraterrestrial origin."

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