Watch Terry Crews Fight For The Horde On Latest Episode of ‘CelebriD&D’ In ‘Battle For Azeroth’

Terry Crews is one Star Wars Appearance away from filling his geek card after making an appearance on the latest episode of CelebriD&D. Crews has long been a member of geek culture going back to the days he first talked about building a super-boss gaming PC with his son so that they have share a project, and because he wanted to see how it was done. Now that Crews has chosen to be a member of The Horde and entered into the Battle For Azeroth, neither the Horde, nor The Alliance, will ever be the same.

The way CelebriD&D works, is a celebrity comes in to play for a few hours with regular folks and everyone kind of geeks out over it. However, when you have someone like Terry Crews in the game, you call in Troy Baker, Jessica Chobot, Ashly Burch and both Marisha Ray and Taliesin Jaffe of Critical Roll to fill out the rosters. Of course if you go with heavyweights like them, you need Matthew Mercer to GM the affair.

Brooklyn 99 star, Terry Crews, represents the Horde, playing Thodak the Blacksmith, a level 5 orc warrior. Ashly Burch plays a level 5 undead mage named Elvis, and Marisha Ray rounds out the squad playing a level 5 goblin shaman named The Ritz. Together, they face off against the Alliance. It is a change of format for the show, but the reviews of how it worked from fan feedback were very positive, and there were plenty of requests to bring Crews back as Thodak for more adventures as per TubeFilter.

Matthew Rossi at BlizzardWatch said that he really enjoyed the format as well and thought that the session had the feel of what is expected of the island expeditions that will be in Battle For Azeroth. Overall, he was very impressed by it all and had some insights to share in his column about the experience.

“It manages to keep the tension between Alliance and Horde going, and becomes a very fun PVP brawl at the end. I’m not going to spoil it for you — you should watch it for Taliesin Jaffe playing a Void Elf Rogue because that happens and it’s hilarious and awesome. But overall, if Battle for Azeroth actually comes out feeling like this, then we’ll be in good hands. Maybe we can just have Matt Mercer run the whole expansion as a D&D game for us. Blizzard, seriously, it’s been years since the last time you released a pen and paper companion to World of Warcraft. Consider doing it again, please?”

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