‘Weird strobing lights’ filmed appearing in dark sky spark UFO theories

A woman was baffled at a series of weird strobing lights in the sky – and was convinced that it could be a sign of extraterrestrial life.

Holly Nash, who lives in Portreath on the north coast of Cornwall, noticed the strange glow in the sky for as long as 15 minutes and couldn't figure out what could it be.

She took a video and shared it online, showing the bright white light appearing in a linear strobing effect in the pitch-black sky above her home.

It moves at speed and disappears within seconds but soon reappearing again.

She told Cornwall Live that the lights emerged around 10.15pm on Friday evening (August 27).

"I really have no idea. There’s no lights for miles. No houses just vast emptiness of fields," the stunned local resident said.

"There was no sound of a helicopter either.

"The strobes of light were so fast and linear as well as being multiple strobes at a time I’m not sure what it could have been.

"I’d like to think aliens was a little far fetched however with no other reasonable explanation I really don’t see how it could be anything else!"

Last week, east London residents found strange flashing lights just below the surface of the River Thames.

What do you think is causing the flashing light? Let us know in the comments below

A clip circulating online shows a white light repeatedly flashing underwater in the middle of the iconic river and it sparks heated discussions online.

One believed it could be a traffic beacon, which can be “pretty waterproof”.

Another said the little green men were to blame. “It’s a UFO,” one joked. “Unidentifiable Floating Object.”

Meanwhile, the UK's top military brass have refused to rule out the existence of extraterrestrial UFOs.

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