Woman finds sinister note with drawing of a coffin in her ex-partner’s toolbox

A woman found a sinister note in her abusive ex-boyfriend's toolbox detailing measurements to make a coffin matching her height.

Next to the coffin on the yellow post-it note were the words "vacation plans" and a smiley face.

She made the chilling discovery while sorting through her ex's belongings after the abusive relationship fell apart, reports 7News.

Posting online, she wrote: "I left my abusive partner and found this post-it note in his tool box that details his plans for a coffin that he labels ‘vacation plans'.

“It matches my measurements.”

She described the relationship saying: "I thought he was so lovely to me",

“But he slowly isolated me from family and friends. It got worse once we moved in.

“Best thing I ever did was leaving him. It was so bad towards the end. I felt like I had nothing and nobody. I am so grateful I got out.”

Reddit users encouraged the woman to take the “terrifying” note to the police.

“Go to the police now,” said one.

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“You really should report him. Make his family and friends aware. Simply to try and protect the next poor girl he plans to terrorise.”

Another wrote: “I sincerely hope you’ve taken all precautions to ensure he doesn’t find you.”

One added: “Please continue to be vigilant. He’s still dangerous and no doubt mad you left. Be safe.”

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