Woman ‘looked at phone and pretended nothing happened after slashing influencer’

A woman who 'slashed an influencer's face' as she slept during an overnight bus ride calmly sat back down "looked at her phone and "pretended not to see anything" after the attack.

Stefani Firmo, from Brazil, was on the overnight bus last Tuesday (November 29) when she was set upon by a woman with a knife at 5am, in a terrifying unprovoked attack.

The nursing student, 23, woke up “with a very strong pain” after being sliced from ear to mouth, and immediately ran to a friend she was travelling with.

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Firmo was due to arrive at Salvador, the capital of Brazil’s northeastern state of Bahia, at 7.40am having left Recife, the capital of Brazil’s northeastern state of Pernambuco, at 6.15pm the previous day.

Now, Firmo, who has over 24k Instagram followers, has revealed the chilling behaviour of her alleged attacker in the moments after she lunged at her.

Speaking to Globo in Brazil, Firmo said that while her face was bleeding profusely, the other passenger showed coldness, looked at her cell phone and "pretended not to see anything".

She added: “I avoid thinking about it all the time, although talking about it is inevitable. It's something that moves me when I think about the possibility that I might not be here to tell the story."

Firmo has had her stitches removed and is awaiting news on whether she needs surgery.

After the attack, the police even seized a knife that was with the passenger sitting behind the victim.

The object was sent for analysis, and the passenger was interviewed and released.

Firmo revealed on Monday (December 5) on Instagram that the bus company handed over CCTV footage of the attack to police.

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Cops are trying to determine whether the passenger sat behind Firmo is the one who attacked her.

Earlier this week Firmo said: "The recording leaves no doubt that there was no discussion or disturbance between me and her.

"On the contrary, she simply got up and used the knife she was carrying to cut me while I was sleeping."

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