Woman suing company after ‘penis bomb’ from pranksters explodes in her face

A woman is suing a company after receiving a 'penis bomb' that “exploded in her face”, reports claim.

She was “shocked” to receive the spring-loaded missile, which shoots out hundreds of phallic confetti shapes, in New York, US.

The package was designed by Ruin Days, an American company which sells and sends prank items, including “smelly poop in a box”.

Other objects it sells include penis-shaped sweets, spring-loaded ‘glitter, poop and sperm bombs’, as well as embarrassing postcards and rude cards.

The firm claims its items are "100% anonymous and secure".

But the woman, of Long Island, New York is now taking legal action after receiving the package in May last year, US media reports.

Court papers described the missile as “a spring-loaded, tube-shaped package which abruptly and unexpectedly shoots out hundreds of penis shaped plastic-like confetti with high velocity and great force”.

The item was sent in a package which was “designed to disguise the true nature of its contents”, according to the New York Post.

She is now said to be seeking damages for alleged assault, battery, emotional distress and negligence.

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Her lawyer, David Barry, said: “My client feels like anyone else would feel. Scared. Shocked. Violated.

“Certainly disturbed and certainly distressed.”

He claimed the firm, R&D Promos, walks the line between what is inappropriate and decent and what could potentially be civilly and criminally actionable.

The business has yet to respond to the complaint which was filed in December, he added.

Ruin Days has reportedly been sued by people in other states including New Jersey and Ohio.

A woman in California who received a “How to not be a c**t” card and an “Eat a d**k” card is also taking legal action.

On its website's terms of service section, Ruin Days says: “Our service is meant to be used to deliver a 'gag' gift.

“It is not to be used to harass or harm anyone in anyway. If there is any doubt, do not use our service.”

It also says shoppers “may not use our products” for any “illegal or unauthorised” purpose.

The Daily Star has contacted Ruin Days for comment.

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