Woman who ‘died for 30 minutes’ says she saw spirit taken to heaven by ‘beings’

A woman has claimed to have met a group of beings leading her to heaven during a 30-minute near-death experience.

Mary Neal, an orthopaedic spine surgeon, was found lifeless after going over a waterfall on a kayak in Chile 22 years ago.

Appearing on Netflix's new documentary Surviving Death, Mary spoke about the life-changing event and how it changed her view on the definition of death.

She was completely submerged under 10ft of water and her torso "plastered to the front deck of the boat" and throughout the experience she had no oxygen.

Strangely Mary felt no pain, no fear and no panic, saying: "I felt more alive than I've ever felt."

She claims she then experienced heaven, saying: "I could feel my spirit peeling away from my body, and my spirit was released up towards the heavens.

"I was immediately greeted by a group of… somethings. I don’t know what to call them. People? Spirits? Beings?

"I didn't recognise any of them but they had been important in my life story somehow, like a grandparent who died before I was born."

Mary believes she was welcomed by them, who took her down a "pathway" thickly covered with hundreds of thousands of flowers.

The survivor continued: "There was an absolute shift of time and dimension. The pathway went to this great domed structure.

"I believe I was in heaven. I had an overwhelming sense of being home.

"At the same time, I can look back at the river where my body is still submerged in the water."

Mary's kayak group spent 15 minutes looking for her until a man felt her wrist hit his leg. They dragged her out of the water and found her completely bloated and purple.

While the rescuers tried to resuscitate her and pleaded her to come back to life, she claims she was told by the beings that it wasn't her time yet and that she had more work to do on Earth.

She said: "I had been without oxygen for 30 minutes and the statistical likelihood of my survival should have been zero.

"Statistically, I had zero chance of surviving without significant brain damage. But I never had any brain damage."

Mary's experience changed her definition of death completely.

"People in science tend to think you can’t believe in anything supernatural," she added. "I don’t believe that we know everything."

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