Young mum amazed by ‘massive diamond-shaped’ UFO sighted in broad daylight

A woman who saw a mysterious and incredibly bright “diamond” shaped UFO insists that it definitely wasn’t a cloud and moved too fast to be any conventional aircraft.

On Saturday, February 26, Cornish mum Sarah Louise was driving towards Goonhilly in Cornwall, site of the Goonhilly Satellite Earth radiocommunication site, when she noticed a bright light in the sky.

It appeared on first glance, to be a large, “silvery” star, she says – even though it was only just midday.

Sarah said: “It caught my eye because it was so bright. I slammed my brakes on to look at it, and as soon as I told my son to look it disappeared".

“I started driving again," she told Cornwall Live, "and a few seconds later I saw it again in a different part of the sky.

"It looked really far away but must have been pretty massive.”

Sarah explained that it was a “sort of diamond shape”, but horizontal from her perspective and elongated on the right-hand side.

The object appeared to be shiny, smooth and looked like it was one piece of solid metal.

And she said that it seemed incredibly brightly-lit even in the clear, mostly cloudless sky.

However, the mysterious phenomenon vanished too quickly for her to get a picture.

“It was brighter than any satellite,” she says. “Everyone thinks I’m mad but surely someone else saw it. I’m not stupid, I’m a spiritual person but I’m not normally out there saying there’s UFOs.

“I know there are weird aircraft out there, but the distance it was out there, the speed it moved and the sheer size was bizarre.”

Since posting about the strange view, adding that she saw what looked like “a spacecraft in the sky”, Sarah said she’s received a lot of flak online.

She added: “Me and my son both saw it. I had a lot of flak but I know what I saw.

“Nothing that I know could move that fast, and there were basically no clouds in the sky. I know I’m not mad.”

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