Trump tipped to challenge Biden AGAIN as Dems rebel over key policy pledge ‘failure’

Donald Trump refers to himself as '45th and 47th president'

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Since being elected in January last year, US President Joe Biden has had a hard time enacting many of the key campaign promises that he made on climate change. On his first day in office, Mr Biden unilaterally rejoined the Paris Agreement. He then outlined a detailed plan for bringing the world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gas in history to net-zero emissions.

These plans, which were bundled together in a massive  $1.75trillion “Build Back Better” infrastructure bill faced fierce opposition from both the Republicans, many of whom are climate deniers, and from moderate Democrats like Senator Joe Manchin.

“Moreover, despite some cracks in his favorability ratings among Republican voters, the former president still holds an enormously strong grip on the conservative base.”

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Given all of these factors, Dr Gift expects Mr Biden’s party to do poorly in the 2022 midterm elections, set to be held in November.

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