YouTube star risks prison to become richer than Elon Musk in just seven minutes

A YouTuber has explained how he technically became richer than Elon Musk in just seven minutes.

Max Fosh, who also ran for London mayor last year, managed to create a company valued at £500 billion – almost double the Tesla founder’s eye-watering $265 billion.

Firstly, the content creator registered a company, suitably named Unlimited Money Limited with the relevant UK authorities.

He set it up with the claim it would be manufacturing macaroni, noodles, couscous and “similar farinaceous products”.

But the integral part of Max’s rags to riches story involved him setting up its shares.

The 27-year-old opted for 10 billion shares – the maximum allowed for any business in the UK.

After his company’s official certificate came through, Max then raced to the financial district in a bid to get selling.

He donned a professional-looking suit for his big investment day and explained to passers-by: "I've set up a company and I've issued 10 billion shares in that company.

"I'm trying to sell one share for £50. Thus, valuing the company at £500 billion."

Miraculously, the charismatic YouTuber convinced someone to sign a stock transfer form and part with their cash in exchange for one share of “Unlimited Money Limited”.

Equipped with the document, Max sent it off for a company valuation before receiving confirmation that “the market cap of Unlimited Money Limited has been assessed as £500 billion”.

Unfortunately for Max, that wasn’t the only thing the financial regulators told him.

They added that because he had no revenue to justify the valuation, he was technically committing fraud.

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He was told: “There is a high likelihood that you are now being accused of fraudulent activity.

“It is for this reason we highly recommend Unlimited Money Limited is dissolved as a matter of urgency."

To avoid being put behind bars, Max frantically tried to get in touch with his only shareholder and shut down the company – ending his time as richest person in the world.

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