Billy Joe Saunders WILL still face Demetrius Andrade even if he loses boxing licence by applying for one abroad

The English fighter could lose his boxing license after taunting a drug addict over £150 of crack, but Hearn said he's "not a bad bloke."

The 29-year-old is currently in the middle of training ahead of his clash with Demetrius Andrade in Boston next month.

But he could lose his British Boxing Board of Control license if they decide to punish him for his actions.

When asked if there is a chance Saunders will not fight Andrade, Hearn said: "No."

The promoter told FightHubTV: "If he lost his licence he would probably then go and try and get another licence elsewhere which is not what anybody wants.

"He’s licenced by the British Boxing Board of Control — we want him to go in that fight licenced by the British Boxing Board of Control.

"I don’t know what the British Boxing Board of Control [will do], I guess they’ll give him a very heavy fine, maybe a suspended ban."

"Although he did some stupid, the thing is, he’s not a bad bloke.

"He has to understand that he has an obligation as a role model and a world champion to act in a certain way.

"Whether he likes that or not whether people like that or not that’s fact.

"He’s done something that he thought was amusing and has ended up getting him in trouble so he’s got to learn his lesson.

"But as I said he’s a decent guy – it’s not there’s a lot of malice in what Billy Joe does but sometimes he oversteps the mark and he’ll learn his lesson."

Saunders is set to face Andrade in Boston on October 20, but uncertainty has been growing over whether his licence will be revoked.

He also made an apology after the video was released.

The Hatfield fighters said: "Apologise to everybody who’s took offence totally in the wrong.

"Can’t do anything but be sorry banter when wrong. Apologies once again."

He also filmed himself singing into the camera: "You're such a f***ing hoe, I love it.

"I'm a sick f***, I like a quick f***."

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