Jets have shot to take center stage

Onto center stage step the Jets. Yankee Stadium is dark, and the Giants don’t have a game to play.

If it seems like 50 years since the Jets fielded a team that embraced the bright lights of Broadway, well, there’s a reason why the Super Bowl III Jets are being honored at halftime of Jets-Colts on Sunday.

Show us who you are.

Make a statement.

Send a message.

Are you a team that Tom Brady and Bill Belichick will have to watch out for?

Or are you the Same Old … aren’t we all tired of dredging up that same old song?
Nobody passed a law that says you can’t win two in a row.

And nobody passed a law that says Todd Bowles can’t coach the Jets to the playoffs in his fourth year of trying.

In a league where Josh Allen can beat the Vikings, no one should want to hear that Sam Darnold can’t beat Andrew Luck and the Colts at MetLife Stadium.

Because though the 2018 Jets will never be confused with the 1968 Jets, the 2018 Colts will never be confused with the 1968 NFL Baltimore Colts that Joe Namath slayed like he guaranteed he would.

How about Darnold-to-Robby Anderson resembling Namath-to-Don Maynard one more time?

How about Leonard Williams reminding the Super Bowl III Jets of the late Verlon Biggs? How about Jamal Adams reminding the Super Bowl III Jets of the late Johnny Sample, with his mouth and swagger? How about Bilal Powell reminding the Super Bowl III Jets of Emerson Boozer if Isaiah Crowell cannot?

Perhaps donning white cleats during a white-out game can inspire the spirit of Joe Willie White Shoes in all of them.

Bowles and the Jets keep parroting their one-goal-one-team mantra.

How about reaching that goal?

Try this on for size: If the 2-3 Jets beat the Colts, and the Dolphins lose at home to the Bears, and the Patriots lose at home on Sunday night to Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs, there will be a three-way tie for the AFC East lead.

That would mean the development of Darnold would not be and should not be the be-all and end-all. Especially when your last playoff appearance was a 2010 season AFC Championship loss in Pittsburgh.

Bowles needs to start fielding a more disciplined team, between the end zones and in the end zone, because you know you cannot afford to use immaturity as a crutch when your record is 22-31.

They should win one for ailing defensive coordinator Kacy Rodgers, and win one for themselves as well.

After five games as a rookie, Luck had thrown seven touchdown passes and seven interceptions and rushed for 103 yards and one TD. In his fifth start, Luck (22-44, 280 yards, two INTs) suffered a 35-9 loss to the Jets at MetLife Stadium. His record was 2-3. He finished with 23 TDs and 18 INTs and 255 rushing yards with five TDs. The Colts finished 11-5 before losing to the Ravens in the wild-card game.

After five games as a rookie, Darnold has thrown seven TDs and six INTs. His record is 2-3. No one is thinking he has an 11-5 season in him. Or an 11-5 team with him.

But 3-3 isn’t asking too much. A two-game winning streak at home isn’t asking too much. New York’s Team for a Day. When long-suffering Jets fans exit for the parking lots, they shouldn’t be feeling that it might be another 50 years before they might win that elusive second Super Bowl.

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