Phil Jackson’s year away from NBA was pretty wild

Phil Jackson’s time away from the NBA was so very Phil Jackson. He attended a film festival in Rome, visited the Vatican, learned how to bake bread and went to Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

The former Knicks president called it a spiritual journey away from his Montana life. Jackson discussed the past year of his life and many other topics in a question-and-answer alongside Warriors coach Steve Kerr for

“I called my trip Razor’s Edge,” Jackson said, referring to a 1944 book about a World War I veteran exploring the world. “It was a spiritual journey. I wanted to make the most of it, so I took in a lot of Roman Catholic history. I visited the Vatican and lots of churches. Later, I went to Buddhist Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Sri Lanka.

“I ended up being gone for a little more than five weeks on that trip. I came back to Montana in mid-March and have been here since. It was an interesting year, a very interesting year. I did things like bake bread. I don’t watch much basketball, but I did watch [the Warriors], and I did watch the end of the playoffs, the last two segments of the East and West finals.”

Kerr then chimed in.

“Yeah, you called with some advice on Chris Paul that was helpful,” he said.

Of course, the hamstring injury that sidelined Paul for Game 6 and 7 was probably more helpful than whatever the Zen Master had to say.

Jackson has largely been off the grid since the Knicks fired him in June 2017, after he had signed a five-year, $60 million deal in 2014.

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