Randy Orton Allegations Reportedly Being Looked Into By The WWE

Court Bauer, a former WWE writer, alleges that Randy Orton would pull out his penis and harass the new writers.

Randy Orton was once a constant source of controversy for the WWE, and it looks like those days aren’t fully behind him. On an episode of MLW Radio titled “Ribbing & Junk,” former WWE writer Court Bauer alleged that Randy Orton would expose himself to the new writers and harass them. Court Bauer described these incidents as a rib, though based on Bauer’s description of how the writers would respond, these alleged incidents seem to be anything but funny. Though the MLW Radio episode is from 2012, the story is now starting to gain a lot of traction because it was recently shared on Reddit.

The former WWE writer described what Randy Orton would do to the new writers, as WrestlingNews.co reported.

“For every new writer that would show up, he comes in the room puts his hand down his pants, pulls out his d*ck, touches himself, then says ‘I’m Randy Orton, shake my hand…oh you don’t want to shake my hand? You’re big leaguing me? That’s f*cked up man. Should I tell Vince and Steph you won’t shake Randy Orton’s hand?’”

Bauer added that Orton would cut a promo on the new WWE writers that would last several minutes as his penis hung out of his pants. Court remarked that the writers would start sweating, backing up into a corner while Randy Orton was exposed, as heard on MLW Radio and as WrestlingNews.co documented. Court said that he lucked out on his first day with WWE TV because when Orton was about to pull out his penis in front of him, Stephanie McMahon walked into the room, and Randy quickly changed course. The former WWE writer described it as a teacher walking into a classroom.

Court Bauer responded to a tweet and made it clear that he has no qualms with Randy Orton.

An individual tweeted the Reddit post to Bauer asking him if the Randy Orton incidents were true, and Court confirmed that they were.

Sports writer and BarnBurner podcast co-host Brad Shepard tweeted that he reached out to WWE for a comment regarding the allegation that Randy Orton exposed himself to new writers, and Shepard wrote that the WWE was looking into it.

On “Ribbing & Junk,” Court Bauer said that it was hard to tell when Randy Orton was serious or joking. Someone exposing themselves without consent is not a laughing matter, but unfortunately, these types of extreme “ribs” were common in professional wrestling many years ago, though not so much in modern day WWE. If the WWE does find Court Bauer’s claims to have legitimacy, Randy Orton would likely face a harsh punishment from the company.

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