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Oh, hi there. Welcome.

We’re going to guess that you came here looking for information on the Super Bowl, the very important football game on Sunday. But did you type “Super Bowl?” Are you sure? Look again.

Every year about this time, internet searches for “Super Bowl” go way up. But so do searches for “Superb Owl,” as fast-typing fans put the space in the wrong place.

It has been noticed. This year, a search for “Super Bowl” on Google gets you the teams, time and location of the game. A search for “Superb Owl” gets you the same, plus a little cartoon of an owl.

Reddit has a whole thread devoted to the superb owl, with pictures, videos and cartoons.

Stephen Colbert made a joke of it a few years back, saying he would call the big game the Superb Owl to avoid angry letters from N.F.L. lawyers zealously guarding trademarks.

Thursday night on “Jeopardy!” there was a Superb Owl category, with owl-related trivia. (Answer: The owl has traditionally been considered wise, as it was the bird of this Greek goddess. Question: Who is Athena?)

So if you mistyped Super Bowl and wound up here, that’s great. We have tons of stuff about the game.

Like a look at how Tom Brady became New England’s favorite adopted son.

And an illustrated guide to the playoffs.

And a prediction for the game.

Hate the Patriots? Have a look at the Rams, though we admit it’s a little dated.

But if you actually did want to know more about outstanding strigiformes (that’s owls), here’s a fascinating New York Times article about owls’ vision. It turns out they see the world much the way we do.


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