Workers at Tottenham's new stadium 'drank booze and snorted cocaine' claims industry report

A shocking report paints a picture of poor organisation and substance abuse affecting the delayed project.

Construction News claims to have heard first-hand accounts of workers being under the influence of cocaine and alcohol, which has been denied by contractor Mace.

A Mace spokesman said: "Any suggestion that our rigorous standards around best practise or drugs and alcohol had been broken would be taken extremely seriously.

"We carry out regular random drugs and alcohol testing to ensure that our rules are enforced throughout our supply chain.

"The club and the construction team are working diligently to complete the iconic stadium as soon as possible.

"Although these delays are obviously frustrating, once complete the new stadium is going to leave a fantastic, lasting legacy and will be a project everyone involved will be proud to be associated with."

Construction News quotes unnamed sources claiming there has been "chaos" on the building site, with fights breaking out among the 4,000 workers and a lack of communication.

The alleged issues have been largely blamed on Tottenham's decision not to appoint a contractor to develop their £850million new home with overall control of the project.

One source said: "I've not worked on a site like that in a long, long time.

"There were people off their heads, drinking cans first thing in the morning before going on to site and snorting coke in the toilets."

The report also suggest electricians had arrived to find a ceiling had been installed which prevented them from working.

Electrical work was even repeated THREE times as a culture of mistakes emerged.

Another source added: "[Mace] are like a toothless lion, they have got no claws and no teeth.

"This situation is quite strange. [Mace] can only say, 'This area is ready, could you please deploy someone and sort it out?'"

Spurs were due to move into their home in time to face Liverpool on September 15 but now could be forced to wait until the New Year.

No official date has been released for the opening, with fans and rival clubs upset by the disruption.

On the frustrating delays, a Tottenham spokesman added: "We have always said that we would issue updates for test events and official opening as soon as we have confidence in our project managers' and contractors' ability to deliver against the revised scheduled of works.

"This remains the case and speculating on unsupported dates such as this is irresponsible."

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