12 Highest-Rated Broadcast TV Shows of Summer 2020 (Photos)

No, it just FEELS like 12 nights of “Big Brother”

Summer is over and it goes without saying that coronavirus threw off pretty much everything about the season, including broadcast TV. But in a time of production delays and pushed premiere dates, June, July and August still saw new episodes of staples like “America’s Got Talent” and “Big Brother,” and the debuts of newbies like “Don’t” and “Broke” (R.I.P.) These are the highest-rated broadcast shows of 2020 ranked from lowest to highest, according to “most current” Nielsen data. For the purposes of this list, we omitted sports and only counted shows that aired five episodes or more between May 21 and Sept. 20. And yes, there are ties.Also Read: Here Are the Premiere Dates for Broadcast TV’s New and Returning Fall Shows (Updating)

Rank:  7 (tie)   Show:   “Holey Moley”        Net:  ABC              18-49  Rating: 0.7   Holy moley, a putt-putt golf show actually made our list.

Rank: 7 (tie)     Show:  “Don’t”         Net:  ABC             18-49  Rating: 0.7      We can’t believe this many people did watch a show named “Don’t” either.

Rank: 7 (tie)     Show:   “Celebrity Family Feud”        Net:   ABC             18-49  Rating: 0.7     Survey says: This concept still works.

Rank:  7 (tie)    Show:   “Broke”       Net:   CBS             18-49  Rating: 0.7      Canceled, but not “Broke” per TV ratings currency.

Rank:  7 (tie)    Show:  “The Wall”         Net:  NBC              18-49  Rating: 0.7  Plug-and-play game show hosted by Chris Hardwick hasn’t hit a wall yet.

Rank:  7 (tie)    Show: “America’s Got Talent” (Wednesday)         Net:   NBC             18-49  Rating: 0.7    “Big Brother’s” little brother in multi-night ratings strength.

Rank:  6    Show:  “The Titan Games”         Net:   NBC             18-49  Rating: 0.9     If you can’t smell what The Rock’s cookin’, it’s solid summer ratings.

Rank:   5   Show:  “World of Dance”         Net:  NBC              18-49  Rating: 1.2     It’s J. Lo’s world, we’re just living in (watching) it.

Rank:   3 (tie)   Show:  “Big Brother” (Thursday)         Net:  CBS              18-49  Rating: 1.3  OK, we promise, this is the last “Big Brother” slot.

Rank:   3 (tie)   Show:  “America’s Got Talent”  (Tuesday)      Net:   NBC             18-49  Rating: 1.3      America’s got 140 million adults 18-49. Enough of them still watch “America’s Got Talent” in its 15th season.

Rank:   2   Show:   “Big Brother” (Sunday)        Net:   CBS             18-49  Rating: 1.4      Toldja.

Rank:   1   Show:  “Big Brother” (Wednesday)        Net:  CBS         18-49  Rating: 1.5    “Big Brother” gets big ratings in the key demo — and not just on Wednesdays.
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