A Place in the Sun fans say guests ‘should worry’ as offer is ‘eagerly’ accepted

A Place in the Sun fans gave buyers a serious warning on social media after the estate agent seemed a little too eager to say 'yes' to the sale.

In tonight's episode of the Channel 4 favourite, Ben Hillman was seen showing hopeful housebuyers Andre and Steve a number of properties around Portugal.

The couple claimed they have spent many happy holidays in the Silver Coast area and were hoping to find a property to relocate to permentantly.

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With a budget of over £235,000, the pair wanted to find a detached 3 or 4-bedroom property that would possibly have a pool or some land space to set up a breakfast business or chalets and glamping.

Andre, who was born in Portugal and keen to return, said that he felt like the move was a "now or never" situation.

After looking around several properties, the couple had their heart set on a property that was on sale for just over £245,000 – which ticked off everything they wanted on the list – including the pool and outdoor space.

They put in an offer of £230,000 which Ben described as a "healthy one" and it was accepted straight away.

Ben said: "Did you gather what just happened there? You just got the house!"

Stunned, Andre replied: "I'm sorry, what?"

Ben then confirmed: "It happened, you got the house! No negotiation!"

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Viewers quickly took to Twitter after the offer was accepted to warn the buyers that they 'should be worried.'

One user said: "Agent rather keen to sell there, I'd be worried. Laters peeps."

Another wrote: "Owner couldn't wait to get rid."

However, other viewers were happy for them as a third user wrote: "Wowser get in fair shout lucky guys."

A fourth said: "Good for them. Ta-ra, Folks!"


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