Alison Hammond runs off This Morning set to fix face after makeover goes wrong

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Alison Hammond made the most of the cosmetics segment with beauty expert Ateh Jewel on Wednesday's This Morning, testing out product after product.

Unfortunately, the segment ended with Alison racing offset when she realised she'd applied a little too much blush to her cheeks.

The presenter looked radiant when she added some teal eyeshadow to her lids, which coordinated with her cardigan.

Next up, she painted her lips a bold shade of red with a Charlotte Tilbury lippy, enhancing her pout with a touch of matte glamour.

"Who needs a makeup artist when you've got me," Alison exclaimed, chuffed with her progress.

However, when Ateh demonstrated a striking pink stain, which can be used as a form of rouge, Alison accidentally applied too much to her cheeks.

Catching her reflection, her face dropped in horror as she picked up her luminescent cheeks, which were tinted in a shade of bright pink.

"Oh god! Seeing myself in the mirror," she gasped, as she held her compact to her face.

Dermot laughed beside her, remarking: "And now the consequences of your actions are coming back to haunt you."

"I think you look beautiful girl, own it," Ateh said, appreciating the statement look.

"Thank you so much Ateh," Alison added, thanking the beauty mogul for introducing her to such an array of make-up essentials.

When the show went to an ad break, Alison could be seen racing across the set, seeking the help of the makeup team.

Yelling the name of her makeup expert, she shouted: "Jane! Jane!"

Later, Alison returned to the studio, looking as radiant as ever, though with significantly less blush on her cheeks.

Dermot praised her transformation after the ad break, commending the makeup department for toning down the blusher.

He said: "You did a great job during the break with all that makeup."

And, when Alison explained the team had toned everything down, Dermot added: "You look lovely."

This Morning airs on weekdays at 10am on ITV.

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