Ant and Dec hit back after fans claimed I’m A Celeb task was ‘impossible’ and a fix – The Sun

ANT and Dec have hit back after fans claimed last night's I'm A Celebrity task was a fix.

Viewers argued it was "impossible" for James Haskell and Roman Kemp to win despite their best efforts.

Tthe pair failed to unscrew three stars in 90 seconds and lost the remaining roast dinners for their campmates.

After backlash online, the hosts waded into the argument insisting: "The stand ins did it when we tested it #ImACeleb."

Last night I'm A Celebrity transformed into Jungle Love Island for a live trial, with the celebs taking on twisted re-imaginings of the famous ITV2 dating show.

England rugby player James and his Capital Radio presenter co-star were tasked with laying in a bed filled with snakes.

They then had to unscrew the stars in boxes filled with a crab, spiders and cockroaches, and move it into a corresponding box with the same.

However, James struggled to get the first star out as a giant crab took up most of the box and started to attack him.

After running out of time, fans raged the show had been set up for James and Roman to lose.

One said: "Well I scream fix what a sham I’m a celebrity is James and Roman had no chance #ImACeleb #fix."

Another added: "That trial was such a fix. 90 seconds for James and Roman was impossible. #ImACeleb."

Someone else said: "#ImACeleb that was an outrage… total fix/setup they weren’t meant to get all 12 starts from the start of that. Almost like you want them to be #Hangry!! Take this as an official complaint! That was just not fair!!!"

Another added: "Has to be a fix on that last trial @imacelebrity! U wouldn't get them stars done in 90 seconds if the boxes were empty let alone with a giant crab blocking u #ImACeleb #imacelebrity."

Knowing James had lost the trial led him to nip at Dec who had said:

"That was unlucky. What was it James?"

A furious James replied: "What was it? It was the very fact there was a giant crab in the way that you wanted me to carefully caress in a different direction as I tried to unscrew a star in its face."

Dec bit back: "Ooo someone's getting prickly."


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