Antiques Road Trip expert admits ‘I’m very annoyed’ over huge loss

Margie Cooper ‘very annoyed’ at £38 loss on item

An Antiques Road Trip expert Margie Cooper was left annoyed after a huge loss on the celebrity edition of the hit show.

Experts Margie and Charles Hanson were joined by Paul Merton and his wife Suki Webster at auction after rummaging around Kent for antiques.

Paul’s cribbage board set him back £60 as the group of four waited in anticipation of the auction price.

Much to the group’s dismay, nobody raised their paddle for the asking price of £50 and it eventually sold for £22, which incurred a loss of £38.

Margie was left annoyed at the situation and said: “We’ve lost £38,” before apologising to guest Paul.

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“That’s annoying,” Margie quipped, before adding, “I’m very annoyed.”

Charles jokingly asked her: “How are you feeling?” as Margie tried to hide her frustration with an awkward laugh and told him to stop smiling.

The auction started at £50 but after nobody raised their paddles, the auctioneer put the price down to £30.

Suki, 58, shouted: “That’s a bargain,” as she sat with her fingers crossed and with baited breath.

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It then went down to £20 where a guest raised their paddle, the auctioneer then asked for £22 and a gentleman put his hand up.

The auctioneer said: “£22 and now I’m looking for £25, but I’m selling your way at £22,” before ending the bid.

It wasn’t all doom and gloom for Paul and Suki though as Suki managed to get a profit of £13 for a teddy bear.

The cost of the bear was £35 but it eventually sold for £48, filling the comic with glee.

Paul also had a figurine which got him a tidy profit of £50 as he exclaimed: “I’m taking my trousers off at the next one.”

Antiques Road Trip is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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