Coronation Street fans fuming at huge blunder as Ryan reveals identity to social media users

Viewers of last night's episode of Coronation Street were left extremely amused after spotting an epic mistake made by producers of the show.

Ryan Connor (played by Ryan Prescott) last night came clean over his use of steroids – which he has become dependant on since his horrific acid attack earlier this year – during a conversation with married love interest, Daisy Midgeley (played by Charlotte Jordan).

Leaning later on Daisy once again for emotional support, Ryan then took to his social media channel – on which he has kept quiet about his acid attack scarring – where he opened up about his steroid abuse and his turbulent year on the Cobbles.

The on-screen favourite had been secretly posting adult content to video subscription site O-Vidz and using steroids in an attempt to bulk up.

Speaking directly into the camera on the platform, Ryan insists he'll be closing his account to concentrate on being himself.

But it was during this on-screen confessional that eagle-eyed fans of the show noticed a cringe-worthy blunder after spotting that Ryan had his camera and microphone both switched off, meaning none of his followers would have seen or heard his broadcast at all.

"No camera or mike on while he does his big reveal [inspector emoji]", one viewer wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter.

"Damn hate it when that happens," another jokingly replied. "Poor sod will have to redo it".

A third teased: "Well at least he didn't have a cat filter on like that American lawyer a year or so back on a zoom call….."

Ryan's emotional admission came after he was accidentally sprayed with a fizzy drink by Wetherfield youngsters Max and Gav, which understandably triggered memories of his attack and led to an emotional breakdown.

Despite being unable to see Ryan, Daisy is shown to be watching the broadcast at her home – which she shares with husband Daniel Osbourne – before calling round to Ryan's flat to commend him for his bravery.

As she went in to plant a friendly kiss on his cheek, the pair appeared unable to control their ever-going feelings for each other, and begin to kiss passionately, ending up in bed together.

Having made the decision to turn his life around, later in the show, Ryan opts to move out of close friend Lauren's flat and back in with Carla and Peter Barlow, but Lauren is left angry, unsure of how she'll afford to pay her bills without Ryan's input.

She decides to blackmail Ryan on the off-chance that he has in fact slept with Daisy, claiming she'll tell Daniel about his affair with Daisy if he doesn't pay up £1000.

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