Antiques Roadshow guest admits worry over huge sapphire brooch valuation ‘Feel really bad’

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Antiques Roadshow visited Portchester Castle in Hampshire in an episode aired on BBC One earlier this year as one guest brought along her impressive jewellery collection. However, expert Joanna Hardy was left surprised by the owner when she admitted she didn’t wear the items before unveiling the collection’s huge value. 

Joanna began: “There were two comments you made when you saw me laying out your jewels here. 

“One was, ‘Gosh, I haven’t seen these for a very long time.’” 

“That’s true,” the guest replied before Joanna continued: “And the second thing was that you were hoping that they were all real. 

“So I seriously hope they are real,” the guest added as the expert remarked: “It’s quite an eclectic mix here. So tell me how did you get hold of these?”

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“They were all presents actually. In the late 90s, I had a boyfriend and he’d quite often buy me diamonds so that is where they all came from,” she replied. 

“That’s a very handy boyfriend to have. He might be watching thinking, ‘Why did I give her all those? 

“I can start with the Ruby earrings here. I reckon they started off life as a pair of cufflinks but very nicely made and then you have a pair of earrings. 

“What’s interesting is there’s one made for the left ear and one is made for the right ear – that came in about the 50s.”

“I really like the shape of those, very pretty,” the owner remarked.

“They really do go up the air beautifully,” Joanna agreed. “So you do wear those?”

“I feel really bad that I haven’t worn any of this or even got out of the cupboard for a very long time,” the owner admitted.

Joanna dated a Rolex watch in the collection to the 1920s before pointing out two brooches. 

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The expert revealed the owner didn’t need to worry about authenticity as she had a diamond and sapphire brooch in her collection. 

Joanna asked the guest to pick out her favourite piece which was a large diamond ring before revealing the piece that excited her the most. 

“Can I tell you what my favourite is?” Joanna asked. “It’s this beautiful sapphire flag representing the Royal London Yacht Club.”

Joanna praised the “beautifully made” piece before noting the two items in the collection that hold the biggest value are the sapphire brooch and the diamond brooch.

The expert valued the brooch at £4,000 before the guest exclaimed: “I didn’t even know if it was real. Wow, that’s really impressive.”

Joanna valued the sapphire brooch at £3,000 and revealed the collection was worth £15,000.

The guest quipped: “Wow, that’s a very nice price. Why on earth did I let him go?” 

“The guy who bought them for me we’re still friends so I’m definitely going to tell him I’m sure he will be very pleased. It seems a shame to keep them locked away in the cupboard. I think I need to find occasions to make use of them and wear them.”

Antiques Roadshow continues on BBC One on Sunday at 8pm.

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