At Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina's End, These Are The Couples The Cast Ships

This article contains light spoilers for Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 4.

Demon kings. Devil worship. Horned-up high schoolers. Across three parts of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Sabrina Spellman and her gang of witches and mortals overcame everything from the awkward messiness of first-time sex to going toe-to-hoof with Satan himself. Now, as the series heads into its final installment, the crew faces a new challenge: moving on.

In July, as the coronavirus pandemic forced many shows and films to halt production, it was announced that the fourth part of the Riverdale-ified coming-of-age series would be its last; but not before Sabrina casts a compelling goodbye spell, of course. In this installment, the Eldritch Terrors — ancient and immensely powerful supernatural beings known mononymously as The Weird, The Uninvited, and so on — arrive in Greendale. With the help of her human friends like Theo (Lachlan Watson) and Roz (Jaz Sinclair), as well as her old fling, the warlock Nick Scratch (Gavin Leatherwood), Sabrina must face each creature one by one to prevent the end of all things. You know, normal teen stuff..

For the cast that’s been with the series since day one, the finale drew mixed emotions. “I think it’s such a perfect way to wrap up this epic story that we’ve been telling for the past few years,” Kiernan Shipka, who plays the titular witch, tells MTV News. “I’m going to miss it dearly.” As Part 4 brings the story to a close, the cast of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina — Shipka, Sinclair, Watson, and Leatherwood — reflect on their favorite moments, the most ship-worthy couples, and the joy of getting paid to make out.

MTV News: Knowing that this is the final installment in the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina story, how are you feeling post-filming and going into its release?

Kiernan Shipka: I am feeling bittersweet about it, as I’m sure we all are, but at the same time, I am so, so enthusiastic about Part 4. I think it’s such a perfect way to wrap up this epic story that we’ve been telling for the past few years. I’m going to miss it dearly. So, all in all, optimistic, excited, sad, all the things.

Jaz Sinclair: I’m just going to miss everybody. But, like Kiernan was saying, this next part is really good, and really exciting, and cosmic, and weird. I would love to go back and do another part, but I really think that people are going to be happy with what we’re giving them.

Gavin Leatherwood: The lovely ladies really covered a lot of it. I mean it, the sentiments are so similar. It is bittersweet. This part is incredibly ambitious and super creative and existential in so many ways. I feel fortunate and grateful to have been a part of the whole damn thing. I’m stoked that the fans get one more part. It’s a pretty bitchin’ one.

Lachlan Watson: It’s ambitious, for sure. Go out with a bang.

MTV News: In Part 4, you’re facing the Eldritch Terrors. Which of the Terrors do you feel is the most terrifying of all?

Shipka: Oh my goodness. I think that ones that were not embodied by people were a little more scary, like The Darkness, when it’s this all-encompassing unknown. The Uninvited was a little scary, but he’s a nice guy off set. So you kind of have a little bit of an association with the people that are playing these Terrors. But when it comes to something like The Darkness, I think that was just such a monumental terror and very, very scary.

Leatherwood: I also thought that The Weird was really disturbing.

Shipka: I love The Weird!

Leatherwood: It’s probably one of my favorite Eldritch Terrors, but seeing you get cut open and having a squid inside you touched on that gory bit. And the squid tongue is just a disturbing thought. That one geeks me out a little bit, to be honest.

Shipka: The squid tongue was so fun. I sent so many selfies to my friends being like, “[I’m] at work!”

MTV News: I thought The Uninvited was kind of hot, to be honest.

Sinclair: Oh, dirty toe nails do it for you?

MTV News: He definitely reminded me of some of the guys I dated in high school.

Watson: If you could compare your dating life to an Eldritch Terror, which one would it be?

Shipka: The Uninvited.

Leatherwood: The Perverse.

Sinclair: The Perverse is scary to me. With the other Eldritch Terrors, everybody knows something is wrong, so you’re like, OK, something’s obviously messed up. We’ve got to figure out what it is and fix it. But with The Perverse, where everybody’s like, no, this is perfectly normal and totally effed up, that’s so scary to me. Like, are we stuck like this forever?

MTV News: Do you think fans will be satisfied with the ending?

Shipka: Yeah. I do, I do. I really think that we approached Part 4 as our last. We wrapped it up. Whether or not people will be satisfied or upset or happy, that is up to the viewer, but I will say that there is a sense of closure. Happy? I don’t know. Satisfied, probably.

Leatherwood: But is Nabrina end game?

Shipka: I don’t know, we’re not going to tell them. They can assume or guess.

MTV News: Yeah, which couples in the show do you ship?

Watson: Zelda and Mambo Marie.

Sinclair: Yes! Oh, they were so beautiful, just gorgeous to look at. When they kissed, because Miranda [Otto]’s skin is so fair and then Skye [P. Marshall]’s skin is so dark, they exchanged makeup, so Miranda would be brown, and Skye would be all white on her face. It was great. I really like Theo and Robin, though. I really love their romance. I think it is so sweet and endearing, so authentic and wonderful.

Watson: I mean, we might be together for eternity. It’s the ultimate end game when you literally never die.

Leatherwood: I’m happy that Harvey found Rosalind because someone needed to hold his love away from Sabrina. I think that that relationship is damn good.

Sinclair: Well, too bad we have no chemistry, me and Ross [Lynch].

Leatherwood: You guys faked it so, so well.

Sinclair: I know, all the giggles, all the making out — horrible, hated going to work and making out with Ross every day. It was like, oh, y’all don’t pay me enough for this.

Shipka: Tough, really tough.

Watson: Yeah, I did have a couple days where I’d spend 16 hours making out with someone, and I’d be like, I get paid a reasonable amount of money to just show up and make out with somebody. It’s pretty cool.

MTV News: Across all four parts, each of your characters had their own personal challenges that they had to face. What do you feel was the greatest obstacle your character had to overcome?

Shipka: At points, Sabrina genuinely feels like the entire world is resting on her shoulders, and it honestly might be. That’s obviously a big burden for a young woman. I think that her story is, witchiness aside, deeply relatable. It’s about finding yourself within a world that says you have to be one way based on how you were raised. She is just trying to be herself and balance everything she wants in life without being constricted. The way that she has come into her own as a young witch, a young woman, and a friend is really inspiring to me.

Sinclair: Roz started off as just a mortal best friend and was always a little curious about the witchy stuff but kind of terrified, because her dad was super religious. Roz evolved to love that and then eventually become that… which I love, because I’m such a huge Harry Potter fan. I’m working on a film right now [Please Baby Please] with Harry Melling, who played Dudley. I’ve never been starstruck before, and it took me two days to say hi. Every time I saw him, I would gush, leave, and then avoid him for, like, two days. Getting to become a witch and have the scene where they’re like, “You’re a wizard, Roz,” was literally a freaking dream come true for me.

Watson: [For Theo], I think finding their true self and really allowing themself to come into their own, and to be vulnerable, and to break down their little caramel-shell exterior was a really interesting thing. I had a lot of that being a queer kid growing up and having to overcome my own expression of myself. It felt like I could just reach back into time and, and have a little bit of a do-over and do everything right, and to give myself over to the process.

Leatherwood: Nick is learning how to love, for sure, and the difference between lusting after someone and loving someone unconditionally. He was such a big flirt in Part 1, which I loved to play. As he continues, he’s also learning how to love himself. We see him self-destruct in a lot of Part 3, we see him lose his mother figure in Part 2, and there’s always this tension or resistance to fully loving himself and giving himself over to Sabrina entirely.

MTV News: And what was your favorite moment to act?

Leatherwood: I had the most fun in Part 3. I got to beat up Richard [Coyle], I got to beat up Luke [Cook] with brass knuckles — and shirtless, mind you. I got put in chains multiple times, I was painted gold, I was made into a wall, I had a devil foot, I got to yell at Kiernan.

Watson: Well, anytime you get to yell at Kiernan is a good day.

Leatherwood: I don’t know why, but that scene [in the woods during the hair moon episode in Part 3] was just so fun. We got to conjure some crazy energy. It’s not like I want to yell at Kiernan, but having a certain emotional release and feeling something that is not yours come through you is sort of cathartic as an artist. When you have the freedom of a place like set and through a script, you get to go to a certain emotional level that you don’t normally go to in your everyday life. I just really felt like that day was pulsing and alive.

Watson: Theo and Robin have a big climax moment and that scene was really, really brutal for a lot of reasons. There was a battle for closure for everybody, for me and [Jonathan Whitesell] and our characters. We had a hard day, going back and forth between having to be mad at each other and then, off scene, making sure that we were both OK and still functioning. It’s a tough balance, as an actor, keeping your mental health in check and also serving the character.

Sinclair: Probably my favorite scene to shoot was with the new weird sisters — me, Tati [Gabrielle], and Skye. It’s the scene where I’m proving that I’m witchy enough for frigging Prudence, after she’s pretending like she doesn’t know who I am. That scene was just so cool because it felt so powerful on the day. We were in this spooky room and we were all just so in the zone.

Leatherwood: You can feel that in the scene too, Jaz. When I watched, I was like, damn, Rosalind is a badass and that scene is super electric.

Shipka: I will always hold that first dark baptism pretty close to my heart. I know none of you guys were actually there for it, which is—

Leatherwood: We didn’t get the invite. Must have got lost in the mail or something.

Shipka: It’s sort of like, I don’t know, a family thing. Anyway, that was one of my first night shoots that I’d done on the show. We were all just delirious and it was hilarious. But Mandrake Sabrina was probably my favorite to play.

Watson: I like that when you had the contacts in, you’d cross your eyes a little bit, too. It was amazing.

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