‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers: Episode 2A Brings First Rose Ceremony, More Tia And Colton Drama

Episode 2A of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ brings more drama and the first rose ceremony of Season 5

Episode 2A of Bachelor in Paradise Season 5 airs on Monday, August 13, and spoilers tease that it’ll be an episode jam-packed with drama. Tia Booth went to Mexico with Colton Underwood on her mind, but Chris Randone showed her that she might be able to develop a romance with someone else. Colton showed up just hours later, though, and teasers suggest there’s a lot more yet to come with this trio.

ABC shares that Monday’s episode will pick up with Colton returning from his date with Tia and he’ll immediately face a confrontation of sorts. Will Chris be looking to do battle over Tia already or will this be related to someone else anxious to pick a fight with Underwood?

The next date card will go to Kenny Layne, who wrestles professionally under the name Kenny King. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers detail that he will ask Krystal Nielson to go with him on this next outing. Krystal was seemingly connecting with Kevin Wendt as filming got started, but she’ll accept Kenny’s invitation. The two will take in some wrestling during their outing, but viewers will have to tune in to see if the sparks fly between them.

The next show will feature the first rose ceremony of Season 5 and the women will be determining which men stay and which ones head home. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers hint that Tia will get some encouragement from her friends to present Colton with something of an ultimatum, but it may not go how she’s hoping.

It sounds as if Underwood will be hesitant to commit to Booth this quickly, and she’ll tell him that he needs to either stick with her or she’ll move on to explore other relationships. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers suggest that he’ll choose to keep his options open and it seems that Chris will not waste any time taking advantage of this opportunity.

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers haven’t revealed who will be leaving in this first round of eliminations, and gossip guru Reality Steve has focused on the couples remaining at the end of Season 5 rather than week-by-week eliminations. However, it sounds as if Booth, Randone, and Underwood will all be sticking around for now. Before the end of Monday’s show, teasers suggest that Bachelorette Becca Kufrin will be making an appearance, and this will rattle one of her former suitors.

“After only recently telling her that he loved her, this conflicted contender realizes just how confused he is, resulting in a major breakdown.”

While ABC doesn’t reveal the name of this conflicted contestant, it sounds likely that it’s Colton involved here. It looks like that’s where Monday’s episode will end, but there’s another new show coming up on Tuesday. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers hint that several couples will leave Mexico at the end of Season 5 thinking that they’ve found love and viewers should see some of these pairings come together very soon.

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