'Bachelor In Paradise' Spoilers: Tia's Feeling Hopeful On Date With Colton, But Friend Raven Bursts Her Bubble

Will Tia Booth’s bestie Raven Gates burst her love bubble as she falls for Colton Underwood even further during Tuesday’s ‘Bachelor in Paradise’?

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers tease that viewers will watch quite a bit more of the “Tia and Colton” show Tuesday night as Season 5 continues. Tia Booth and Colton Underwood talked and decided to give their romance another go during Monday’s show and they’ll head out on a big date during the August 21 episode. However, her bestie Raven Gates and Raven’s BIP beau Adam Gottschalk will show up to join them and a talk between the ladies may shake things up yet again.

As the Inquisitr has shared, Tuesday night’s episode is expected to be a wild one. Now that Tia Booth and Colton Underwood have reconnected and decided to give a relationship a shot, Bachelor in Paradise spoilers reveal that he will receive a date card and he’ll naturally choose her to go with him.

ABC shared a clip from Tia and Colton’s date, and she’ll be feeling hopeful about this outing. The two will shop at a local market and Booth will be excited about what she feels is a real date between them. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers note that she’ll think she may head back to the resort after this outing with an actual boyfriend, and she’s giddy over the possibilities.

As Tia and Colton shop at a market stall filled with children’s clothing, the shopkeeper will ask if she’s Underwood’s wife. When they say no, he’ll ask if she’s his girlfriend. Colton responds by saying that they shouldn’t put any pressure on it, and the two keep shopping as he hustles her away from the kid’s clothes. They’ll hold hands as they stroll and Tia clearly feels that they are finally on the right track.

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers indicate that at some point during this date, Booth will be surprised to see her good friend Raven Gates there with boyfriend Adam Gottschalk. Gossip king Reality Steve had spoiled tidbits about this outing via Twitter during filming, and it looks like the gathering of the four of them initially gets off to a great start. However, things apparently will take a bit of a turn.

Raven will seemingly talk with Tia about how she doesn’t think that Colton is really the right one for her friend. This probably won’t come entirely as a surprise to Booth, however. After the Season 5 premiere, Gates tweeted about how she and her friend had talked about how the Bachelor in Paradise contestant should keep her options open rather than focus entirely on Underwood.

It sounds as if Raven will be quite protective of her friend and ultimately, she doesn’t think Colton is the right pick. What kind of impact will this have on Booth and Underwood’s relationship? Bachelor in Paradise spoilers haven’t revealed specifics on that front yet. Reality Steve has teased that the two will split and leave separately, but it’s not known yet exactly when.

People are already speculating that Tia Booth and Colton Underwood could become the next Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon. Bachelor in Paradise viewers watched Ashley and Jared dance around a relationship for three years, and they recently got engaged.

Could Tia and Colton head down a similar path as Ashley and Jared or do they need to simply go their separate ways? Viewers will see the next steps of this complicated journey play out on Tuesday’s Bachelor in Paradise show and it should be quite dramatic.

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