BBC Breakfast’s Naga Munchetty accuses Carol of ‘hiding’ when she presents show

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BBC Breakfast host Naga Munchetty couldn't help a cheeky dig at weather presenter Carol Kirkwood on Friday.

Naga was holding her own on the red sofa alongside co-host Charlie Stayt to discuss the issues of the day – from the death of Una Stubbs to Britney Spears' dad stepping back from her conservatorship.

But the conversation soon turned to the weather, when Naga accused Carol of 'hiding' whenever she and Charlie are presenting the show.

Naga and Charlie usually appear on BBC Breakfast on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, while Louise Minchin and Dan Walker take other weekday shifts.

Announcing the time, Naga told viewers: "Time now is 26 minutes past six, which means it's time to talk to Carol – who's hiding, which is often the case when we're on this morning, this time of the week!"

Carol shared a giggle with Naga and Charlie, as the camera cut to her standing in a field full of sunflowers to provide a weather update.

It was because, of course, Carol usually no longer works on the show on Fridays.

Naga continued: "But Carol, you are hiding amongst something beautiful!"

Carol appeared on screen to say: "Absolutely right, Naga and Charlie, good morning everyone! I'm at Cammas Hall Farm at the moment, and you can see lots and lots of sunflowers all around me.

"But if we take an aerial shot, we can see just how many there are – there are approximately 100,000 sunflowers in bloom right now, and wow – they look spectacular!" she gushed.

Carol elaborated: "Some of the farmers from other farms have actually been saying that they've been flowering quite late."

Hilariously, Carol had to wade her way through the blooms, and appeared slightly trapped as she continued: "I'm just struggling through them at the moment!"

Viewers found themselves more distracted by Carol's funky t-shirt, which featured a cat graphic embossed in gold, wearing sunglasses.

Taking to Twitter, swathes of fans wrote to Carol about her outfit, with one penning: "Good morning Carol, lovely piece amongst the sunflowers today! Could I ask where your lovely cat t-shirt is from? Would love to get one for my sister!"

Someone else commented: "Good morning Carol, can I ask where you got your t-shirt from? Thanks!"

Another fan couldn't resist letting Carol know how much she meant to them, as they wrote: "Morning Carol xxx do love sunflowers they were my mum's favourite flower too! Have a wonderful day and weekend to Carol."

"Day of the Triffids! Be careful Carol, those sunflowers have you surrounded!" another quipped.

Someone else cheekily added: "Carol looks like a Borrower standing amongst those sunflowers!"

BBC Breakfast airs from 6am every day on BBC One.

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