‘Big Brother 20’: Tyler’s Unused Cloud Power App Is The Latest Failed Twist On CBS Reality Show

Expect the unexpected–except when it comes to twists on ‘Big Brother.’

Big Brother’s power apps were a bust. Tyler Crispen’s Cloud Power App is about to expire, officially making Season 20’s high-tech “BB App” twist a total flop.

Tyler’s unused Cloud App would have allowed him immunity from being nominated at any nomination ceremony or POV Ceremony up to Week 10. But because Crispen routinely dodged the chopping block and won so many Power of Veto comps, he never needed to use it. Crispen’s unused BB app was one of three apps that flopped this season on Big Brother.

Sam Bledsoe’s Bonus Life App was never used by her and instead defaulted to evictee Kaitlyn Herman, who should have earned a boomerang right back into the house, but she failed to complete a simple puzzle in the two-and-a-half minutes provided. It’s clear the preschool-inspired puzzle was designed to be easily completed, but Herman panicked and failed to put the seven-piece puzzle back together in time. Big Brother host Julie Chen even told Entertainment Weekly she was shocked Herman didn’t get the job done.

“We had production assistants do the puzzle and most got it with 45 seconds,” Chen told EW.

In addition, Bayleigh Dayton’s Identity Thief App was never used, as she was evicted in Week 6 before she could pull it out.

Unlike Sam, who blabbed about her Bonus App during her Head of Household reign, Tyler Crispen kept his app a secret. He only told San Bledsoe about it in an attempt to earn her trust. But earlier this month, the houseguests got an unintentional peek at the Cloud App thanks to a production gaffe, according to Big Brother Network. “The Cloud” icon and title briefly appeared sideways on the small screens in the house and the houseguests were totally confused as to what it was. Crispen played dumb and the production blip blew over.

Julie Chen, who has hosted the U.S. version of Big Brother since its inception in 2000, has been vocal about the show’s past flopped twists.

“The least favorite would be the Takeover,” Chen told Entertainment Tonight. “It didn’t work.”

The short-lived BB Takeover twist back in 2015 featured celebrities who “took over” various aspects of the Big Brother game. At the time, CBS promised weekly surprise guests “who will appear on the show to announce a new twist into the game” and that there will be “ever-changing twists that shake up life inside the house on a weekly basis.”

The doomed twist featured takeovers by Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan, comedian Kathy Griffin, and NFL star Rob Gronkowski, but it was scrapped after just three weeks.

Chen later explained the twist’s demise to Reality Blurred, telling the site, “we had so much going on, it was better to focus on the pure game–because the game is genius. You don’t want to give the viewers too much to balance out between, ‘Oh, the power of veto. Oh, the double HOHs.’ There was enough going on. You have to clean up a little bit. Pure game.”

Big Brother Season 20 airs Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays on CBS.

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