A botched Bonus Life means there’s one less person in the ‘BB20’ house at this stage of the game.

Big Brother is always full of twists, but this summer’s edition of the CBS reality show is especially twisted. With a series of power apps and a hacker twist wreaking havoc in the Big Brother house, some fans wonder if there will be time for some of the show’s “expected” twists.

Big Brother fans have noticed that the Have Not competitions have already been eliminated this season, with houseguests instead volunteering to go on slop, take cold showers, and sleep on uncomfortable beds for a week. Now, Big Brother fans want to know if a double eviction will take place this season after Kaitlyn Herman’s attempt at getting a Bonus Life with a shoo-in competition turned out to be a major fail.

In an interview with Big Brother Network, executive producer Allison Grodner explained why the Have Not comps have been axed for this season.

“I think the punishment of only eating slop, taking cold showers, and sleeping in horribly uncomfortable beds is pretty bad whether or not you are assigned or you volunteer…Also, we have so much going on with the game itself, that it is actually a relief to not have to tell the story of how they became Have Nots in the edit.”

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With no time for Have Not competitions, some fans wonder if Big Brother‘s production schedule will allow for a double eviction. It’s a given that producers expected Kaitlyn Herman to stay in the game when they gave her a ridiculously simple puzzle to do in two minutes to score a Bonus Life and a trip back into the game. Big Brother host Julie Chen even told Entertainment Weekly she was surprised Herman didn’t succeed.

“We had production assistants do the puzzle and most got it with 45 seconds,” Chen admitted.

With one less player in the Big Brother house than producers had counted on, Grodner assured BBN that the annual double elimination will still go on as planned.

“There is always at least one double eviction a summer.”

While Grodner touted this season’s Hacker Twist, in which an unidentified player gets to hack the nominations, veto ceremony, and live vote, not everyone is a fan of this major twist that renders the Head of Household’s reign practically powerless. Several Big Brother veterans, including past winners Evel Dick Donato and Nicole Franzel, weighed in on this season’s high-tech twist.

Big Brother fans saw the beginning of the Hacker Twist play out on Sunday’s episode, with fan favorite Tyler Crispen falling victim to the inaugural hacker’s nomination switcheroo. Crispen congratulated his mystery nemesis (Hayleigh Broucher) for finally making a big move in the game, but this twist is far from over.

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.


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