Big Brother viewers furious as ‘wrong people’ are nominated for eviction

Big Brother contestants Henry and Zak will be the next housemates to face the public vote ahead of the second live eviction of the series.

During Wednesday’s episode of the ITV2 show, it was revealed that the pair had received the most nominations from their fellow housemates.

Zak received five nominations from Hallie, Kerry, Chanelle, Jenkin and Henry, while Henry received four nominations from Dylan, Olivia, Noky and Jenkin.

Paul opted to nominate Trish on the basis that he feels he is “getting lectured a little bit rather than just having a clear, open, light-hearted conversation”.

Trish returned the favour by nominating Paul, stating that he is emotionally not “very intelligent”, adding: “There’s no deepness to him. He’s just not interesting in my opinion.”

Fans were quick to react to the nominations on social media, with many disagreeing with the results.

One person said: "The wrong people are up for eviction this week," while another wrote, "SORRY WHY are zak and henry up for eviction cba."

"This episode just pissed me off, the WRONG people put up for eviction," penned one viewer.

A fourth person was outraged, saying: "WHY HASNT KERRY GOTTEN THE MOST VOTES ?!?! I’m so torn between Zak and Henry. They are both great."

"It should be Kerry and Olivia up and it feels like some of them influenced people to nominate Zak," said a fifth.

Voting for this week’s eviction, which is set to take place on Friday night, will open at 10.15pm on Wednesday via the Big Brother app.

Either Henry or Zak will be evicted from the Big Brother house and viewers will be able to watch presenters AJ Odudu and Will Best chat to the evictee in their first live interview on Big Brother: Late & Live at 10.15pm on Friday.

The nominations come following a rather dramatic week in the iconic house, with Kerry becoming embroiled in controversy after using an offensive term, and fans predicting a potential romance between Jordan and Noky.

On Friday, Farida Khalifa become the first contestant to leave the 2023 season of Big Brother after facing the public vote.

NHS manager Kerry, 40, and make-up artist Farida, 50, both faced eviction after receiving the most nominations from their fellow housemates.

Viewers were able to vote for who they wanted to get evicted via the Big Brother app, with hosts AJ Odudu and Will Best announcing that Farida would be leaving the house during the live eviction on Friday, 13 October.

"Farida, Kerry, the viewers have spoken and we can now reveal that first contestant to be evicted from the Big Brother House is…Farida," said host AJ as she announced that Farida has lost their place in the house.

Farida thanked the audience as she came out to cheers, telling the hosts that she, "had the most amazing time."

During her short time in the house, Farida managed to clash with her fellow housemates, annoying Olivia after eating her salmon off her plate, with some fellow contestants branding her 'annoying.'

Big Brother continues on Thursday on ITV2 and ITVX at 9pm.

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