Bodyguard fans stunned as Richard Madden goes completely naked and Keeley Hawes touches herself in raciest sex scene yet

Actor Richard Madden – who plays police close protection officer David Budd in the BBC thriller – bared all in episode after romping with co-star Keeley Hawes' Home Secretary Julia Montague.

The fictional Home Secretary first seduced David by touching herself in front of him.

She stood by the door in their adjoining hotel rooms and told him: "Please don't turn out to be another bloke who can't accept a woman having more power.

"We're not handling this very well, are we?"

As David apologised and took responsibility for their fraught personal relationship, Julia walked back to her room and undid her trousers.

Pulling them down just enough, she beckoned him forward before the pair slept together again.

But David, having been warned that his children could have their protection removed if he didn't spy on the Home Secretary, took the chance to go through Julia's things.

Getting up from the bed, he walked starkers across the room to take the documents she had been given by the security services and read them.

And while a lot of viewers were trying to get to grips with the fast-paced plot, more were thrilled at Madden's hunky body.

One viewer tweeted: "Can we have a moment of appreciation for Richard Madden’s bum there #Bodyguard"

A second added: "Oh Keeley you dirty cow!!!!#Bodyguard"

A third wrote: "Naked @_richardmadden alert #Bodyguard"

Another commented: "Richard Madden naked has been the best part of my weekend. To put that in perspective, I went to IKEA this weekend too, and Richard still comes out on top. #Bodyguard"

However, while David did look at the documents, he failed to tell his police superiors this and instead pretended that he hadn't been able to gain access.

And their next romp went even worse as Julia tried to wake David and ended up being strangled in the process.

Horrified she decided that it would be best to get rid of him as her bodyguard.

"Whatever your training has made you, it's out of control," she told him.

And as the police closed in on identifying the shooter from last week, David's old friend, they realised he had been speaking to the gunman for much longer than he claimed and began to suspect he was lying.

Unfortunately by the end of the episode  as Julia was giving her speech, something David had cleared her to do, a bomb went off blowing up the auditorium she was speaking in.

Shortly before David had spotted someone backstage and ended up confronting and searching the Home Secretary's aide.

But despite looking in his briefcase, viewers weren't given a glimpse and so the aide could have been the bomber in league with David.

The end of the episode revealed that Julia's injuries were severe and the police realised that the bomber was in league with the shooter.

And viewers were left wondering whether David was working with them all along?

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