‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Recap For Monday, August 27: Zoe Kisses Xander, Bill Warns Katie

Ridge tells Steffy about Katie’s sole custody plans, and Zoe annoys Emma.

Bold and the Beautiful recap for Monday, August 27 features Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) who decided to do a preview of her upcoming bedroom line, Intimates. Xander (Adain Bradley) will be photographing the preview, and it’s clear that Zoe (Kiara Barnes) relishes in the fact that Xander has to take close-ups of her lingerie-clad figure. Emma (Nia Sioux) is visibly irritated with Zoe as she smiles at Xander while modeling down the runway.

Steffy, Quinn (Rena Sofer) and Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) discuss the line. Quinn wants to know about the jewelry selections, and wants to know if Ridge approved it. But Steffy informs her that she has the final say when it comes to Intimates. According She Knows Soaps, Quinn also has some notes for the models once they finish. Zoe asks Quinn if she can model the showstopper.

Steffy also gave Emma some notes for Zoe. Emma tells Zoe that she needs to speak to her but that she needed to get dressed first. Zoe wants to know if Emma is the assistant or the boss. Before Emma can answer her, Quinn pulls her away. Xander, who saw the almost-confrontation, asks Zoe to take it easy on his girlfriend. Instead, Zoe pulls him behind the clothes rack where she thanks him for not insisting that she return to the UK. She also lets him know that she hopes that they can be more than just friends in the future. Zoe kisses Xander.

Ridge tells his daughter how proud he is of her. Steffy replies that it means a lot that her father and co-CEO thinks so much of her. He tells her that Katie (Heather Tom) is planning on filing for sole custody of Will (Finnegan George). Steffy is concerned that Bill (Don Diamont) won’t react well to the legal action being taken against him, but also sympathizes with Katie’s plight.

Bill doesn’t mince around and tells Katie and Thorne (Ingo Rademacher) that he won’t let them take Will away from him. He is confused as to why Katie would try to do this, but Thorne keeps interrupting their conversation. Eventually things escalated to such an extent between the two men that Katie had to intervene. She feels that Thorne has been there for Will when he was pursuing Steffy. She also tells him that she is not trying to keep Will from him, but rather trying to give him a degree of stability. Bill reminds her that she doesn’t have a squeaky clean history either. Katie has had struggles with alcohol and had a relationship with Will’s half-brother.

Thorne says that he would love helping out with Will and reminded B&B fans that he lost his only child, Aly. Bill insists that he is committed to Will and that his son has no need for Thorne in his life. Bill warns Thorne and Katie that they will lose a custody battle. Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.

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