Bradley Walsh rages ‘what’s the matter with these contestants’ on The Chase
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    The Chase host Bradley Walsh left one contestant looking rather awkward after he raged “what’s the matter with you.”

    During Monday’s visit to the ITV studios (February 27), game show host Bradley welcomed four new quizzers onto the show looking to put their general knowledge to the test.

    As fans tuned in for the primetime show, the former Corrie star introduced contestants Laura, Jill, Jermaine and Dan before they battled it out to take home the all-important cash prize.

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    This week the quartet were up against Shaun Wallace who made sure to bring her A-game against the wise quizzers.

    Before starting her round, player Laura was asked what her hobbies are, in which she replied: “I really like baking – especially eating what I bake.”

    Bradley went on: “When you say baking what do you mean, cakes?”

    “I quite like baking bread – breads my thing,” the player quipped

    “With a smirk, Bradley raised his eyebrows then looked at the camera before he asked: “Did you bring any with you?”

    “No” she replied.

    “What?” Bradley proclaimed before he raged: “What’s the matter with these contestants on the show?”

    Laura soon fired back though, insisting: “I’ve come all the way from Durham.”

    But Bradley wasn’t having it, as he quipped: “I don’t care.”

    Laura then looked sheepishly to the side unsure of what to make of the awkward situation.

    Laura headed into the main game with £4,000 after refusing a high offer of £21,000 and a low offer of £400.

    Unfortunately for her, she found herself caught by The Dark Destroyer after stumbling on a few questions.

    As a result, Laura was booted from the show.

    The game picked up though later on, with players Jill and Jermaine both bagging £1,000 for the joint jackpot.

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