Caleb's savage slams of Emmerdale locals from 'cokehead' to 'waste of space'

Caleb Milligan (William Ash) got on the wrong side of just about everyone in Thursday’s (June 15) edition of Emmerdale.

The newcomer has been staying at the B&B ever since his plan to destroy Kim (Claire King) and Home Farm was revealed.

Caleb claimed that he was going through with his idea for the Dingles, but everyone agreed that the he definitely didn’t know the meaning of family loyalty, given that he attacked Nicky (Lewis Cope), forced him to plan a wedding to Gabby (Rosie Bentham), and nearly got Moira (Natalie J Robb) to sell her farm to Kim.

To name but a few things, of course.

Tonight’s instalment of the ITV soap was largely focused on Caleb, who persuaded Vinny (Bradley Johnson) to sell him Mill Cottage so he could stay in the village for longer.

The news angered Cain (Jeff Hordley), who wanted Caleb gone and asap – but he wasn’t going anywhere.

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Caleb was more than happy to wind Cain up with comments about Faith (Sally Dexter), which was enough for him to pin his brother against the wall.

Stopped by Moira and Chas (Lucy Pargeter), Cain walked away, listening to Caleb as he vowed to stick around.

Back in the pub, Moira, Cain, Mack (Lawrence Robb), Chas and Will (Dean Andrews) were chatting about Caleb’s decision to move permanently to the village.

Right on cue, Caleb entered.

Unlike previous scenes in the pub, Caleb wasn’t in the mood for trying to make amends. ‘I’m done being nice’, he told his new enemies and well, didn’t he mean it!

Caleb vs Leyla

There are some people who can function without having 2 grams of coke shoved up their nose!

After previously calling Leyla (Roxy Shahidi) a ‘massive cokehead’, Caleb made a further comment about her drug addiction, which previously saw Jacob (Joe Warren-Plant) nearly die after confronting her dealer.


Caleb vs Will

Is that you having an independent thought, Will?

Caleb also targeted Will, who he likes to call Kim’s ‘lapdog’.

When Will attempted to threaten Caleb, he shut him down completely, sarcastically saying that he was giving his opinion without Kim being around and wondered if he needed a ‘permission slip’ to do something like that.

Caleb vs Cain

You must be the most boring man alive, is it any wonder your wife had to do your own son for a bit of excitement?

We’ve got to hand it to Caleb, he really went in with these comments. After previously claiming that he cares about his brother, Caleb turned to Cain and called him a ‘disappointment’ and then dug further by reminding him that before he knew Nate (Jurell Carter) was his son, he had slept with Moira – which was obviously more than enough to trigger Cain’s anger.

Caleb vs Mack

Did you have to work at it, or were you always a massive waste of space?

There was also Mack, who was already wound up about Caleb’s comments towards his one-night stand with Charity (Emma Atkins).

He was called the ‘world’s biggest loser’ and a ‘waste of space’ by Caleb, but Mack kept his emotions in check.

As time passed, Caleb had left the village and was walking through a woodland area.

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While Caleb overlooked a lake, we saw someone approaching.

Caleb was then pushed off a ravine, hitting his head on a rock as he landed.

With Caleb currently bleeding out all alone, we then saw the main suspects – Leyla, Mack, Will and Cain – all return home.

Leyla said she was putting the bins out, Mack said he had gone for a walk, Will made a comment to Gabby about how Caleb and Nicky will ‘get what’s coming to them’, and when Cain entered Butlers, he said ‘here’s hoping’ when Moira said that ‘starving him of oxygen’ will make Caleb ‘die off’.

So, who’s telling the truth?

Who pushed Caleb? And for the others who weren’t responsible, what were they up to?

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