Channel 5 slammed for ‘distasteful’ documentary on missing Titanic sub

Titanic wreck diver says missing explorers will feel 'buried alive'

Channel 5’s decision to air a documentary on the missing Titanic wreckage-bound vessel has sparked outrage.

OceanGate’s Titan lost contact with the company on Sunday and a race-against-time search was launched for the submersible, which is believed to run out of oxygen at some point on Thursday.

The Titanic Sub: Lost at Sea will air on Channel 5 at 7pm tonight, not even a week on from the start of the incident.

Widespread complaints have flooded social media over the documentary, with many arguing the decision is “distasteful”.

Several have questioned why the documentary has been planned so soon, with some following the story asking: “Already?”

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@ssozinha_ shared: “Channel 5 is quite distasteful to do a documentary on the OceansGate submarine this soon though. The outcome had not even been announced and you’re already trying to benefit.”

@Merlik__ argued: “UK Channel 5 will be airing the documentary ‘Titanic Sub: Lost at sea’ on Thursday. I hate that they couldn’t even wait for their oxygen to run out. Capitalism truly never rest.” (sic)

Hosted by Dan Walker, the special report on the incident will see experts discussing the breaking new developments in the search.

At the moment, special equipment is being used in the hunt to try to locate the vessel after banging sounds were picked on Wednesday.

Titan normally dives with a four-day emergency supply of oxygen, meaning time is running out for the rescue.

The Titanic Sub: Lost at Sea airs on Thursday at 7pm on Channel 5.

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