Coronation Street fans baffled as Tyrone is branded 'middle-aged' – but do you know how old he is?

CORONATION Street fans are left baffled as Tyrone Dobbs is branded 'middle-aged' .

The mechanic's life has seen his life completely turn upside down over the past week, as his long-term relationship with Fiz Stape is now over after he kissed Alina Pop.

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Before they called it quits however, Kirk bumped into Alina in the street and revealed he was under strict orders from wife Beth to not talk to her.

Sally, who was not best pleased with Alina after sharing a smooch with Tyrone, saw her chatting to Kirk and remarked: "I'd watch it if I were you Kirk, she has a thing for middle aged men".

A confused Kirk replied: "Hang on, middle aged?"

Even a fuming Fiz suggested Tyrone might be having a mid-life crisis as Alina is 15 years younger than him, but viewers were having none of it.

Along with several emojis, one fan yelled: "Bog off with “middle aged” stuff Fiz he’s in his late 30s #corrie."

This viewer penned: "Love the @itvcorrie Tyrone and Alina storyline but please can they STOP referring to Ty as a middle aged man. I don’t even think he’s 40, let alone middle aged #corrie."

"So if Tyrone Dobbs is 38 years old why are people on the street calling him middle aged?? @alanhalsall #Corrie #Fiz," another user wrote.

Before this follower added: "I wouldn’t describe Tyrone as middle aged #Corrie."

After Tyrone admitted he was in love with Alina, Fiz forced him to tell the children that their relationship was over for good.

As Hope and Ruby panicked about them, Tyrone said: "Listen girls, me and your mum haven’t been getting on very well lately and I know you’ve heard us arguing so we’re sorry."

Sobbing, Fiz said: “Your dad is going to move out. It doesn’t mean we don’t love you, we do, and you’ll still be able to see your dad whenever you want.”

Before he left, Tyrone said: “Should I ring the girls before bed or…? I’m sorry. Thank you for what you said to them before. For how you handled everything. You’re amazing.”

Just not amazing enough,” said Fiz as Tyrone left and she broke down in floods of tears.

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