Coronation Street spoilers: Daniel Osbourne offers to donate part of his liver to save Peter's life – but he rejects it

DANIEL Osbourne offers to be Peter Barlow’s liver donor if they’re a match next week in Coronation Street – but he rejects the offer. 

Peter has been told he’s dying of liver failure after he relapsed following Carla’s infidelity with his nephew Adam Barlow.

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But instead of fighting for his life, viewers have watched Peter remain adamant that it’s time his friends and family should accept that he’s dying.

When Carla rushed to hospital following his latest relapse and told Peter she loves him, Peter vowed it’s too late for him. 

Next week’s episodes of Coronation Street will see Peter return from Scotland with a glimmer of hope that his condition will improve after not touching any alcohol. 

But when he’s told there’s been no improvement in his liver function at the hospital, Peter despairs and, as he leaves, a disgruntled patient’s dig about alcoholics needing transplants sends Peter over the edge.

At home, Ken and Daniel tell a devastated Peter that they’ve got a proposal for him. 

Daniel announces he’s prepared to be Peter’s liver donor if they’re a match but Peter, convinced he doesn’t deserve a transplant after his antics, calls at the solicitors where he instructs Adam to draw up an ‘Advance Decision to Refuse Treatment’ declaration. 

Ken begs Peter to reconsider Daniel’s offer when he gets wind that he’s going to throw his life away, but Peter shrugs off his dad’s concerns.

Later in the week, Peter rages at Adam for telling Ken about the document and insists he should be able to die on his own terms. 

Battling a guilty conscience, Adam finds Carla and tells her about Peter’s plans to refuse a transplant. 

Carla begs Peter to think carefully before throwing such a lifeline away, but Peter steals a bottle of whisky from the bar and swigs it right under Carla’s nose. 

Later, Peter heads out to the ginnel and drinks the rest of the whisky, leading Steve to find him unconscious. 

Ken and Steve haul him back to bed, where Dr Gaddas explains that Peter is suffering from hypothermia and needs to rest. 

But Peter later pulls himself out of bed and storms out of the house – much to the horror of Ken. 

Will Peter listen to his friends and family before it’s too late?

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