Coronation Street theory: Faye Windass to find daughter Miley after tragic diagnosis

Bill Roache looks back on his Coronation Street girlfriends

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After a tough couple of months, Faye (played by Ellie Leech) and Craig (Colson Smith) finally got their relationship back on track. The pair decided they were going to start a family together and were excited at the prospect of looking forward to their future. However, Faye was devastated when she experienced a phantom pregnancy, followed by Craig airing his worries and re-thinking whether he wanted a baby. Now, official soap spoilers show that Faye is set to receive some more devastating news as her body has gone into early menopause. With the thought of knowing she can’t have children, will Faye be tempted to find her daughter Miley?

In upcoming scenes, Faye is with Dr Gaddas (Christine Mackie), where she breaks the news she is suffering from early menopause.

The revelation stuns Faye as she is told she is not able to have any more children.

She returns home and tells Tim Metcalfe (Joe Duttine) and Craig the news, leaving them shocked but supportive.

Later, Craig tells Faye that his mother Beth Sutherland (Lisa George) advised him to leave her because she can’t have children.

Will Craig stick by Faye, knowing they will never have a family?

Now Faye knows she can’t have any more children, will this push her to find her daughter Miley who she gave up for adoption in 2015?

When Faye was 12 years old, she began being picked on in school by girls who were calling her fat.

After sitting down with Craig and doing some research, they came to the conclusion that she could be pregnant.

Wanting to know the answer for sure, she did a home pregnancy test which turned out to be positive and revealed she had slept with her classmate.

Faye hid the pregnancy from her friends and family and planned to have the baby in the empty flat above Dev Alahan’s (Jimmi Harkishin) shop.

Eventually, Faye had to get her adoptive mother, Anna Windass (Debbie Rush), to help as the pain of her contractions became too much.

After Miley was born, Faye was questioned by the police because of her age and revealed that Jackson Hodge (Rhys Cadman) was the father.

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Jackson’s parents soon realised things were too much for Faye to handle and offered for Miley to live with them.

In 2017, Faye ran into Jackson and Miley and Weatherfield General when her new tattoo got infected.

Faye was stunned as she stared at Jackson, as he picked up a crying Miley before he turned to see Faye standing there in shock.

The Hodges family were back in England for a few weeks after relocating to Canada, they allowed Miley to spend time with Faye, Anna and Tim.

However, Faye’s boyfriend at the time, Seb Franklin (Harry Visinoni), became jealous and ended up attacking Jackson.

The Hodge family soon went back to Canada, and it’s believed Faye hasn’t seen her since.

If Faye can work out where the Hodge family are living and get in contact will them, will she fight to get her daughter back in her custody?

Could the involvement with Miley push Faye and Craig further apart after he has already expressed he doesn’t want children?

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm on ITV.

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