Dated and Related host hints one 'scheming' sibling pair were 'playing game'

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Dated and Related host Melinda Berry has accused one pair of contestants who entered the villa to be ‘playing a game’.

The 29-year-old is hosting the new series, which follows pairs of siblings and twins (and in one case, cousins) as they help each other wingman and wing-woman to find love.

At stake, is a $100,000 prize for the winning pair, and, if they’re in it for the right reasons, love is up for grabs too.

But, Melinda has hinted that some contestants only entered the villa for the ‘money’.

In an exclusive interview with, she told us: ‘I’m not going to say who… okay, well, there were two contestants that were trying to play the game and trying to play it in a way where they didn’t really want love.

‘They just wanted the money.

‘They were scheming to try to play it their way into and you could kind of see it.’

Although Melinda refrained from telling us who she thought was ‘playing the game’, she added that it was ‘weird’ to see siblings finding love so quickly.

She added: ‘It was quite weird to see that a lot of the siblings were finding matches very fast.

‘The love was happening, and I was expecting some to kind of just linger around and maybe feel it out because they are with their sibling, and didn’t quite want to make any moves yet because it’s very awkward.

‘But sitting back and watching some of them mingle and be very open to the experience and having a sibling by them was very like eye opening.

‘A lot of them were putting forward the effort to get to know each and every one of them, so it was nice to see.’

The model and TikToker previously starred on Too Hot To Handle season two, but now, she’s doing reality TV in a different way, and with 15 siblings herself, this was the right fit for her.

About hosting the new show, she exclusively told ‘I come from a massive family of 16 siblings. So I was like it’s a no brainer. I know what it’s like to find love. I know what it’s like to not find love. And I have a big family. So I’m like, this is my field. I know exactly how to do this.’

Speaking about how it feels to be on the other side of cameras now, Melinda continued: ‘It was such an eye opener for me. Because I was like, this is what goes on behind the scenes. This is what happens.

‘But it also felt good to be talent and to sit back and be like, wow, this is fun. It was also good to watch the contestants behind the scenes and seeing how some of them were very vulnerable and just very raw and open.

‘And I was like wow that was me a year and a half ago. And now I’m behind the scenes watching this. It was so surreal.’

However, she jokingly added that this wasn’t a show she’d be partaking in with her own siblings, saying: ‘No, no, I see the yelling and the headaches and the bickering and the arguments. Yeah, no. I’m okay with being behind this.’

Dated & Related is available to watch on Netflix.

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