Disney branded a ‘disgrace’ and descending down ‘far-left rabbit hole’ blasts Wootton

Disney are a ‘disgrace’ says GB News host Dan Wootton

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The broadcaster slammed the leaked announcement on Thursday evening as he accused the company of wanting to “overrepresent”. He went on to argue that the idea was “disturbing” and didn’t reflect “reality”. Later in his GB News show, Dan Wootton was joined by others who weighed in on the debate, which came after footage was published of Karey Burke, the president of Disney’s general Entertainment Content, announcing the plan to have half of all characters from minority backgrounds.

Dan fumed: “Nothing summed up the gap between the deplorables in Hollywood and honest, hardworking, ordinary folk than this week’s unsavoury Oscars ceremony, full of cruel jokes about – quote – ‘crazy white women’, sexual harassment of two male presenters, and then an on-stage assault of Chris Rock by Will Smith, who won an Oscar minutes later to a standing ovation.

“No company represents this shift more than Disney, once the flagship product of family entertainment which these past few weeks has taken a disturbing trip down the rabbit hole of far-left identity politics.”

He was later joined in a debate by former Conservative London Mayoral Candidate Shaun Bailey, political commentator Dominique Samuels and journalist Amy Nickell.

Dan told the guests: “I don’t want over-representation, I want Disney to portray the real world.”

“Exactly,” Dominique agreed. “Because then it becomes inauthentic and it turns into Disney trying to take the place of parents and quite frankly thinking it’s their place to indoctrinate children.”

She argued: “And at the end of the day, these are adults with these ideas about injecting queerness here, there, and everywhere.

“The vast majority of children that engage in Disney probably don’t care about queerness – these are adult concerns being projected onto children.”

Shaun chimed: “Firstly, if you pick out individual groups, the Labour Party is suffering from this now, you end up upsetting everybody.

“They should be focusing on what brings us together, not what sets us apart.”

He continued: “As you can imagine, someone like me is well up for representation, but not above and beyond what actually is the case.

“And if you really want to represent people, what you do is tell their stories.

“You don’t lead them into stories that they had nothing to do with in the first place.

“But the really important thing here is the over-sexualisation of children.”

Amy, on the other hand, argued: “I find it really fascinating that you’ve taken that what we’ve seen in the way that you have.

“You said, ‘Disney was a flagship product of family values’, no it wasn’t – it was a flagship product of heteronormativity.”

“Heteronormativity?” Dan cut in. “What does that mean? You’ve got to educate me because I don’t buy into all of these ridiculous terms.”

He went on to say that Disney’s “over-representation” is “incredibly dangerous”.

“We don’t want to hyper-politicise Disney,” he added, repeating the need for “realistic representation”.

Amy went on to point out: “You know you can’t say boys and girls, what they’re saying instead is ‘dreamers and friends’.”

“What rubbish!” Dan replied, adding: “Get a grip, Amy!” The broadcaster then asked: “Which one are you?”

“I’m a boy,” Dan responded. “And I will continue to say boys, girls, ladies, gentlemen and I think Disney are a disgrace for trying to erase sex as well.”

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