Do Critics Prefer 'WandaVision' or 'The Falcon and the Winter Soldier?'

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is off to a solid start with its Disney+ original shows. WandaVision premiered to positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. From its black-and-white classic sitcom episode up through its high-octane, action-packed finale, the show balanced various tones — with heartfelt sincerity and suspenseful storylines existing in perfect harmony. 

So, what about  The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (TFATWS)? One episode has been made available for public consumption, and it has already received a great deal of praise for its depiction of two superheroes who, up to this point, had yet to receive adequate screentime or fleshed-out backstories. But which series do critics prefer (keeping in mind that reviews surrounding TFATWS may change as the series progresses)? 

With one episode available, ‘TFATWS’ boasts a 2% critical lead over ‘WandaVision’ on Rotten Tomatoes

TFATWS currently boasts a 93% critics’ score on Rotten Tomatoes, while WandaVision has been holding steady at a 91% for quite some time. TFATWS has been receiving applause for how grounded it is in reality, despite being a show about superhuman individuals. 

From Sam Wilson’s inability to get a bank loan for his family to Bucky’s struggle to adjust to a contemporary way of life (not defined by endless battles in succession), the show dives into personal narratives that feel relatable to everyday people. 

Though WandaVision — with its fabricated reality – feels a bit less tangible, the trauma guiding the series is all-too-real to those familiar with loss. And, when it comes to audiences, there’s a 2% difference leaning in the other direction, as viewers prefer the Bettany and Olsen-led series (at this point).

Everyday viewers currently boast a slight preference for ‘WandaVision’ over ‘TFATWS’

A 2% difference is extremely modest, but WandaVision challenged the MCU status quo — presenting a storytelling form existing outside the studio’s typical wheelhouse — and audiences ate it up. The show was a little bit House of M, a little bit Bewitched, and a lot bit out-of-this-world unpredictable. 

With several episodes of TFAWTS left to go, we’ll be sure to check back to see if the differences increase. Will TFATWS get even better, outpacing WandaVision on both the critical and audience fronts, or will WandaVision maintain its lead when it comes to everyday viewers? 

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