The Chase fans puzzled as Lord Of The Rings expert gets dream question wrong

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The Chase fans were left utterly puzzled when one player called herself a Lord of the Rings fan and proceeded to get a question on the subject wrong in an awkward moment on the quiz show.

The ITV series welcomed Gretna Green-born player Rebecca to the show tonight to face Chaser Mark Labbett, also known as The Beast.

Chatting to presenter Bradley Walsh about her life and interests, the red-haired player shared her love for Tolkien fantasy epic The Lord of the Rings, discussing how she used locations from the story to set herself walking targets across Scotland.

Confused, Bradley, 60, wasn’t even sure whether the likes of Hobbiton and Rivendell were real places, as Rebecca laughed and assured him they were fictional.

But when it came to the cash builder round, the pressure of being against the clock coupled with a niche question ensured the contestant failed when she was asked something under that very topic.

Excited for Rebecca, who had only seconds earlier talked of her love of the famous books, Bradley gestured and nodded as he fired off: "In Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, what supernatural being is Celeborn?"

Seemingly having no idea, Rebecca answered "dragon" as she shook her head.

The correct answer was actually an elf, as Celeborn was the Lord of Lothlorien, and the husband of Galadriel – the Lady of the Golden Wood.

Flocking to Twitter in dismay, fans couldn’t believe the player had gotten the question wrong.

"A Lord of the Rings fan gets question wrong about The Lord of the Rings! #TheChase," one person cried.

Another wrote: "Hobbit – middle earth … more flamin nonsense… she needs to Hobbit sharpish. Taxi Oncoming #TheChase."

"Wasn't she just going on about how much she loves Tolkien? #thechase," a third confused fan asked.

While a fourth posted next to Gandalf the Grey’s iconic line "you shall not pass," swiping: "Unfortunately, for the reason you got that Lord of the Rings question wrong, Rebecca… #TheChase."

"It's a good thing Rebecca has a long walk planned #TheChase," a fifth added.

Despite a rocky start to tonight’s show that saw Rebecca and another two players knocked out by The Beast, second contestant Ali turned out to be an incredible dark horse.

Left to face Mark all on her own in the final round with £5,000 in the prize fund, she proceeded to get 19 correct answers and with four push-backs she managed to beat him.

The Chase continues weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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