EastEnders’ Eve almost caught red handed in plot to bring down Nish Panesar

EastEnders fans have once again expressed their fears for Eve Unwin’s safety, after she was seen in Wednesday’s episode ploughing ahead with her decision to bring down Nish Panesar.

As regular viewers will know, Eve has been engaged in an affair with Nish’s wife Suki and is keen to get Nish out of the picture so that their romance can continue without interruption.

Additionally, Eve is growing increasingly concerned for her lover’s safety, as she has frequently witnessed Nish’s controlling and abusive behaviour first hand towards his wife.

Reaching out to DI Jack Branning for support, Eve offered to partner up with the cop to investigate Nish’s dodgy business dealings, and on Wednesday’s episode was seen taking a major risk as she began hunting for evidence in Nish’s office.

Stealing his notebook and breaking into his computer to find incriminating files, Eve was even caught redhanded printing out documents when Nish arrived at the exact moment the print jammed.

During a tense exchange, Eve managed to convince him the piece of paper contained information on his surprise birthday party, but it was a close call, and now fans are worried it’s only a matter of time before he figures it out.

“Eve could end up back inside or worse dead if this ends badly. #Eastenders,” one fan predicted.

Another agreed, as they added: “Eve Nish is starting to suspect you and Suki. That argument you had with him yesterday didn't make things any better either. Eve cannot do this alone she needs people on her side. Nish is very clever.”

A third viewer then said: “Eve should really listen to Stacey, she knows how dangerous the situation with Nish could get and Eve's just had a lucky escape in that office.

They then continued: “If Eve somehow managed to put Nish away, he'll get someone to target the Slaters. #Eastenders.”

Before a fourth fan added: “Eve pls don’t sign your own death warrant #EastEnders.”

“I can't cope – Eve is taking big risks to try and put Nish back inside,” gushed another viewer as they were left hooked by the nail biting scenes. “ However, the payoff would be massive! My heart was in my mouth the whole time she was sneaking around – thank goodness for her top excuse!”

Another fan also weighed in as they added: "I really do hope Eve actually talks with Suki about what she’s doing , I fully appreciate whats she’s doing but it is very hasty and has to be more careful.”

EastEnders continues Monday – Thursday at 7:30pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.


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