EastEnders fans heartbroken as Vinny rejects mum Suki after discovering her sexuality

After falling down the stairs while trying to flee her abusive husband and having the whole square gossip about his subsequent arrest for ABH, it’s safe to say EastEnders’ Suki Panesar isn’t having the easiest of weeks.

Yet just when she thought things couldn’t get any worse, she was dealt yet another harrowing blow on Wednesday night when her son Vinny discovered the truth about her sexuality.

The episode opened with Nish still in police custody following his arrest on Tuesday evening, leaving a distraught Suki at home trying to get her head around who had reported him to the police. As the episode progressed, son Ravi soon revealed to Vinny that Suki had been planning to leave at the time of the fall, leaving a confused Vinny to race to the house to confront her.

Believing she had falsely stitched up his dad so that she could leave and start a new life with another man, Vinny soon teared into his mum as he chastised her for being so thoughtless and destroying their family. Keen to get to the bottom of things, he soon took her phone and began searching for "evidence" of her infidelity.

During the tense exchange that followed however, it soon emerged that Suki had been planning to leave with Eve – a revelation which revealed to Vinny that his mum loved another woman.Deeming her sexuality “disgusting” a fuming Vinny condemned Suki for her actions before threatening to reveal everything to his dad as soon as Nish was released from the police station.

With tears running down his cheeks, a seething Vinny proved once and for all where his loyalty lay, leaving a confused and wounded Suki to try and work out how to spare both herself and Eve from Nish’s wrath when the truth finally came out.

Fans at home were understandably heartbroken for Suki, as they had expected her son to be more accepting and tolerant given his usual happy persona. Instead they were left raging at how quickly his loyalty had shifted to Nish, despite Suki having suffered from broken ribs and a concussion as a result of her desperate attempt to flee.

Taking to Twitter one fan wrote: "Vinny is being so nasty to Suki here. At the same time I feel for him. He's vulnerable and confused and doesn't know what to believe following the accident."

While a second added: "The penny dropped for Vinny he knows by Eve’s messages that Suki been having an affair with her."

Before a third commented: "Yesss at Suki finally able to be honest with Vinny about this [even if he's being a total tit right this second]"

A fourth fan then weighed in and said: "I can't believe Vinny is being so cruel. He just outed his mum and has the nerve to condemn her? I'd disown him."

Before a fifth viewer commented simply: "Vinny saying Suki disgusts him.. Horrible way to speak to his mum. Evil evil boy."

EastEnders continues Monday to Thursday at 7:30pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.


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