EastEnders fans predict disaster for Bobby and Dana as her dad Harvey discovers his killer secret

EASTENDERS fans have predicted disaster for Bobby and Dana after her dad Harvey discovered his killer secret tonight. 

The teenager killed his younger sister Lucy and spent three years in youth detention. 

Viewers know that Dana initially did a runner after Bobby admitted that he’d been using the fake name ‘Robert Hills’ to hide his killer past, but that she eventually came around to the idea.

Tonight’s episode of EastEnders saw the youngster’s world come crashing down when Dana’s dad Harvey discovered the shocking truth. 

Harvey was clearly unsettled when Bobby invited Dana to the mosque and quizzed Rocky about the topic.

Harvey was stunned when Rocky casually dropped the bombshell that Bobby converted to Islam in prison where he went for killing his sister. 

"He probably needed something to make sense of what happened," Rocky shrugged.

But Harvey was horrified and barged into Kathy’s to confront Bobby just as he arrived back with Dana from the mosque. 

"You think I'd let my daughter go out for a murderer?" he raged when Kathy asked him why he was bursting in.

Harvey was in for another shock when he realised that Dana knew the truth about Bobby, but refused to listen to her side of the story and made clear he wasn’t going to stand for the pair dating any longer. 

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EastEnders fans were gutted for Bobby and flocked to Twitter to predict disaster for his relationship with Dana.

One wrote: "Please don't let this break Bobby and Dana up! Not fair!"

Another added: "Bobby and dana are sooo cute please let them last."

A third said: "That wasn’t a nice move Rocky. I said he wasn’t as nice as he comes across. Why spill beans on Bobby."

Later in tonight’s episode, viewers were in for another shock when Kathy confronted Rocky for ruining Bobby’s chance at happiness. 

But when she berated him for being so careless, she was shocked to hear Rocky suggest they break up. 

Is Rocky hiding something?

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