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EASTENDERS' Max Branning has so many notches on his bedpost there can't be much bedpost left after he slept his way round Albert Square.

And last night he took the number up to a round 15 before actor Jake Wood bows out of the show after sleeping with Linda Carter.

So, in tribute to Walford's legendary swordsman, we figured out the ginger Lothario's body count – and it's so high he could be one of the Love Island lads.

His remarkable success with women comes despite Max not being exactly – how can we put this politely? – the hottest guy on the Square.

However, he certainly has his fans, with Jake, named the Heat Weird Crush for four years in a row.

Here, The Sun Online presents every screen conquest the EastEnders favourite has ever enjoyed – along with a few he probably didn't…

Linda Carter (2020)

Gravel-voiced loverman Max might be on the verge of bowing out of EastEnders, but he just couldn't resist sleeping with one more person before he left.

Viewers were horrified as the pair disappeared upstairs hand-in-hand – behind husband husband Mick's back.

One gasped: "The Linda Carter I know would NEVER cheat on mick." No, but the Max you know would make it all too easy!  

Ruby Allen (2019)

When Ruby's date failed to show up, loverman Max slipped right into his seat – and seduced her in record time.

However, when you bed as many people at Walford's own Hugh Hefner, life can be hard, since Ruby's best pal Stacey had also slept with Max (more on that later).

Actress Louisa Lytton said at the time the shocking storyline was revealed: "Max might finally be out-Maxed!" We shall see.  

Rainie Cross (2018)

Tanya's sister drug-addled sister had the rare distinction of sleeping with both Max and his brother Jack Branning.

She returned to the show last year, married to her former brother-in-law Max, with the pair moving in to his grubby car lot empire.

However, when he threw her out, crack addict Rainie moved in with Phil and spiralled into a drugs hellscape the like of which EastEnders had never before seen.  

Fi Browning (2017)

Lisa Faulkner's Fi returned to the Square as yet another partner of Max's – who was out of prison and planning furious vengeance of the people of Walford.

He proposed to her in the Vic to the horror of Carmel, who thought he was proposing to her.

However, Fi refused, leaving Max alone in the pub until Kush turned up and punched him in the face. A bad day for Max – and a rare setback for our swashbuckling anti-hero. 

Carmel Kazemi (2017)

Bonnie Langford's Carmel was targeted by Max as part of a plan to demolish the Square and build luxury flats on top of it.

Because she was in the planning department at Walford Council, he set out to seduce her with his legendary powers and get the plan approved.

Her hopes of marrying him were scuppered when she saw him snogging Fi, killing the relationship – and the ill-fated plan to yuppie-fy the Square. Thank gawd.  

Stacey Slater (2017)

Max and Stacey go way back to the days when footage of them kissing wound up on his wedding DVD (awkward) with the whole family watching on.

But on Christmas Eve a few years back, they rekindled the affair, getting down and dirty while Stacey was dressed – ironically we're assuming – as an angel.

Max had convinced Stacey, who was with Martin Fowler at the time, to sneak off early from the nativity by telling her she'd lost the "Slater spark". Smooth.  

Karin Smart (2015)

Blonde bombshell Karin turned up in Walford looking for Phil Mitchell – but got a much warmer welcome from Max.

The pair headed back to his place and had sex, but it turned out the seduction was part of a wider dodgy cars  scam that Phil had been pulling the strings on.

In fact, just before leaving, Karin, who was played by Denise Van Outen, revealed that wasn't even her real name. Mysterious.  

Lucy Beale (2014)

Max had a scandalous fling with 20-year-old Lucy in the weeks before she died – which led to him being framed for her murder.

D'oh. In the end, she binned him and hooked up with Danny-Boy Hatchard's Lee Miller instead. However, they had a huge row where he grabbed her arm, making her a suspect for her death.

Interestingly, the storyline resurfaced with Bobby Beale – who did kill her – confronting Max about the affair.  

Emma Summerhayes (2014)

Max clearly wasn't mourning Lucy's demise too much – because he wound up sleeping with one of the cops on her murder case.

The affair was obviously tricky what with Max being one of the main suspects. And sure enough, when Charlie Cotton got wind of what was going on, Emma was booted off the force.

The relationship limped on until Emma was mown down by a car driven by Roxy Mitchell. RIP.  

Kirsty Branning (2012)

Fiery Kirsty was Max's secret wife, who he was carrying on with while still married to Tanya.

Their dirty secret was exposed on Christmas Day – of course – and they were even caught having sex in room 14 of the B&B by none other than Max's daughter Abi.

However, the lust didn't last – with Kirsy last seen lobbing a set of divorce papers, his house keys and her wedding ring at him before leaving the soap for good.  

Vanessa Gold (2010)

Zoe Lucker's dynamic businesswoman joined as yet another love interest for Max – and was at the centre of one of the soap's most iconic moments.

In 2011, Vanessa discovered the secret lovenest Max was hiding with his ex-wife Tanya and an incriminating Post-It note reading: "Bubbly's in the fridge."

She went understandably beserk, repeating the phrase in an increasingly demented manner while destroying his home, even at one point stabbing a photo frame.

Inevitably, the relationship ended and Vanessa left the soap soon after.  

Gemma Clewes (2006)

Poor Gemma had one of the shortest-lived gigs on the Square – being Max's mistress.

He paid her a visit after a row with wife Tanya, but once he's patched things up with his wife, he tried to give Gemma the heave-ho.

However, she was having none of it, stalking him to the point that she introduced herself to his son Bradley and booked herself into Tanya's salon.

However, Bradley spotted her and booted her out. That was far from the end for the actress though, with Natalie J Robb playing Moira in Emmerdale to this day.  

Tanya Branning (2006)

Max and his then-wife rolled into Walford when his car broke down in the Square and their relationship went downhill from there.

He hooked up with Gemma and Stacey – his son's former girlfriend – which annoyed her so much she tried to bury him alive.

She later felt guilty and dug him up again, but that only left him free to continue his womanising ways.  

Becca Swanson (2009)

Stacey Slater makes a friend called Becca while staying in a psychiatric hospital.

And with quite breathtaking predictability, Max goes and sleeps with her – after they hit it off at Bradley's funeral, of all places. He tells her it was a mistake, but refusing to take no for an answer lies naked on his kitchen table covered in fruit.

They have sex again – but Becca's time in the Square is short-lived, with her disappearing after less than a year.

Rachel Branning (2006)

Bradley's mum and Max's ex-wife arrives in the Square in 2006 – her relationship with Max already behind her.

She's still bitter about him cheating on her with Tanya – and even attacks her at the launch of her salon. In fact, she tries to cop off with Max in a bid of split them up, but for once his head cannot be turned.

Rachel tells anyone going that Max can't be trusted, but does anyone listen? Judging by this enormous roll call, it certainly doesn't seem like it.

Max Branning and Stacey Fowler’s affair is exposed on EastEnders

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